How To Troubleshoot Missing Attendance Record via TimeTec TA

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Attendance plays an important role for HR staff to calculate staff payroll and determine staff performance in the industry. Hence, it is crucial if there is a missing attendance record in the system when the staff claimed that they have been presented to work, as it will be unprofitable for the staff.

In this tip, there will be a guidance for the TimeTec TA user to do troubleshooting if there is a missing attendance record in the system.

In this tab, you can manage your biometric terminals by edit the terminals' information, view the details of each terminal, upload, download, delete, reboot and determine the time zone.

1. Go to DEVICE > Fingertec Terminal.

2. This tab will allows you to see all device connection status. The green and red color in the connection status allow you to determine whether the device has connected to the system or not. Green means the device is connected and red means disconnected.

3. If it shows red color, you need to check with the staff that available at the device location to check the device connection or to reset the device.
4. If the device connection status shows that the device still connected to the system, you can proceed with the steps shown below.

Track staff clocking record with STAFF MOVEMENT ANALYSIS REPORT.
The Staff Movement Analysis report is a list of every attendance transaction based on the date & time selected by the user. This report is to determine the movements of the users during working hours.

1. Go to REPORT > Device Analysis > Staff Movement Analysis

2. Select the user that you want to see their record. Then, select the Date & Time.

3. The record will show you every clocking details that the user has done during working hours.
4. Now you can see the staff movement record, whether the he/she do the clock-in or not.

The Data Audit List allows you to view all clocking activities along with the details such as clocking date-time, location, reporting channel, etc.

1. In TimeTec TA, Go to DEVICE > Data Audit List

2. Fill in all the  information you need in the column given and you can search the user by ID/Username.
3. Once done, click on the filter icon next to the ID/Username column to continue.

4. The result will show you all the clocking record done by the user.
5. In the Data Audit List you can see the type of reporting channel used by the staff.

This step allows you to view employees live attendance data. However, the live attendance data is available for a period of 2 years only, and all the data past this period will be moved to the archive section.

1. In TimeTec TA, go to ATTENDANCE > Attendance.

2. Click on Manage > Generate

3. Select a user, choose the date and click on “OK” button to start generating the attendance report for the user.
4. Once the attendance generating process is done, please check the staff record again.

If none of the above steps give the info that you need, please visit the link below:

Note: If any of the screenshots or steps in this manual are different from the current system, it is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at We will update it as soon as possible.


  1. Hello
    How can i put breake time and discount it from overtime but there more different condition
    ; and i have two shift one morning and afternoon there are difficult to know who morning and who afternoon in time in and time out

    1. Hi Sir,

      To deduct break time from overtime hour, you may configure under break tab in the clocking schedule to deduct a certain amount of time for break time. And for the second query, you have to create two different group duty roster and assigned the clocking schedule shift to the group duty roster accordingly.

  2. Hi sir. I have this issue that when i generate attendance report it doesn't show any data like clockin and clockout time. Can you help kindly

    1. Dear Sir / Ma'am,

      Good day to you,

      Referring to your issue, please go to Device > Data Audit List (refer and check whether got the data you wanted or not.

      If yes, then please refer to the link below

      If no, then please refer to this link instead

      Thanks & Best Regards,
      Nursyafawani Kasram binti Mohd Hisham

  3. Hi sir,

    May I know how to fix the time clock issue. For example, the real-time is 3pm afternoon but the time in timetec shows 10am morning. I’d greatly appreciate if u could provide solution as soon as possible as all the staff couldn’t clocked in at the correct time and day as the time difference is too big. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sir / Ms.,

      The difference between user real-time and TimeTec time was due to the time zone setting. You may refer to the steps below.

      1. Go to User > Manage User > Edit User (
      2. Check and change user Time Zone to your country's time zone (
      3. You may also change multiple users' time zone changes by go to User > Manage User > select users > Manage > Change User Time Zone (

      If the issue still persists, kindly check the system account time zone by go to COMPANY > SYSTEM SETTING > TIME ZONE (

      Thanks & Best Regards,
      Muhammad Khoirul Bariah Bin Mohd Arof


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