Enable TimeTec TA Mobile App Clocking

Friday, May 19, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec TA App provides TimeTec TA users a simple and useful tool to perform clocking activities, check attendance history and generate reports on a smartphone easily.

By having TimeTec TA App on your smartphone at all times, you’ll never missed attendance and you can also monitor your staff whenever required.

For TimeTec TA users to be able to do the clocking through TimeTec TA App and access the attendance on their own mobile application, admins need a few configurations to be done in the TimeTec TA account.
1) Configure a login credential for the user.
System Infor
Go to your TimeTec TA account > User > Manage User tab > Select the user > Click Edit > go to System Information tab > configure the options listed below
- Login User Name [ email – please make sure the email address is valid]
- Login Password

2) Allow the user access for TimeTec Mobile and TimeTec TA web access
a) Go to Device > Assign User to Device
b) At the user with Clocking issue, press edit, (Pencil tag at the end of each user’s row)
c) Configure the following settings to allow the user access
- Allow web access column > View > Set to “Yes” [ You can only view from web access and cannot perform clocking from the web]
- Allow Time Tec Mobile Access > View & Clocking Set to “Yes” [ You can view and perform clocking from the mobile device]

3) Then, try to login from the TimeTec TA App
The Mobile ID for each smartphone is unique when you log into TimeTec TA via mobile. The ID will be captured and stored in TimeTec TA account when the user login through the TimeTec TA App. You can view the ID in TimeTec TA at Device Tab > Assign User to device.


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