Easy Data Migration From FingerTec Cloud Centre (FCC) To TCMS V3

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Good news for our client who are using TCMS V3 software. With the new release of TCMS V3, you can now migrate data from FingerTec Cloud Centre (FCC) to TCMS V3.

FingerTec Cloud Centre (FCC) is a web platform that stores FingerTec terminals' information and data securely on a cloud server. In the latest release, the FCC Migration Wizard feature is made user-friendlier, as it can connect to the web service login. It also has data selection feature, allowing users to migrate from FCC to TCMS V3. This new function replaces the previous Select User and Import tab in this wizard.

Advantages of the New Features
With this new update, now users will only need to get the Username and Password by logging into fcc.fingertec.com > click the “Username” at the right upper corner of the window > User Profile > scroll to the bottom “Ingress / TCMS V3 Login Detail” for the Login Username and Password.

Before that, please Login into you FCC account at: http://fcc.fingertec.com
Make sure that you have set and entered the IP address and Port of the FCC Software into the terminal before you can establish a connection between the FingerTec terminals and FingerTec Cloud Center. The FCC Web Server and Port is : 80.

For FEM Color Screen device (AC100C, TA100C, TA200 Plus)
Go to Menu > Comm. > Web Setup > Set the FCC Web server IP and port.

For FMM Color Screen device (AC100C FMM, TA100C FMM)
Go to Menu > Comm. > Webserver > Set the Server Address and Server Port.

If you still cannot connect your FingerTec terminal with our FCC, kindly get your FCC devices’ licences from our sales department at info@fingertec.com. Once you get the licenses, you can add the device into your account by selecting Add More License.

After that go to your FCC account and key in the Serial Number and the Prepaid Code that you have received from our Sales person and press Activate.

Now you can see the devices connected to your FCC account.

The next step is to get your FCC Username and Password, go at the right upper corner of the window > User Profile > scroll to the bottom “TCMS v3 Login Detail” for the Login Username and Password.

Use this Username and Password to migrate your data from FCC into your TCMS V3.

Here you can retrieve your Terminal Info, User Data and Transaction Log and restore it back to TCMS V3.
Terminal Info: Click the Get Device List > Choose your terminal serial number > Import Device.
User Data : Choose your terminal serial number > Get User List > Select all the user ID > Import User.
Transaction Log : Choose the date range > get transaction list > download log.


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