TCMS V3 v2.1.0.9 New Release ( Date: 02.05.2017 )

Wednesday, May 03, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

1.    Added a new FingerTec Cloud Center migration feature

FCC is a web platform that stores FingerTec terminals' information and data securely on a cloud server. In the latest release, the FCC Migration Wizard feature is made user-friendlier, as it can connect to the web service login. It also has data selection feature, allowing users to migrate from FCC to Ingress software. This replaces the previous Select User and Import tab in this wizard.

The user will need to get the Username and Password by logging in to > click the “Username” at the right upper corner of the window > User Profile > scroll to the bottom “Ingress / TCMS v3 Login Detail” for the Login Username and Password.

2.    Added Database Terms & Conditions

In this feature contain the Terms and Condition of the database. Please note that FingerTec will not be responsible for the unwarranted adjustments and changes to the database by any unqualified personnel of customers and repairing the said database could incur a cost on the customer’s part.

3.   Added the following fields in Batch Update User: Designation, Privilege, Gender, Pay Class, Pay Type, and Pay Rate.'

4.   Added search function in Device Module

5.   Added new advertisement size (400x218 and 300x232), in Terminal Multimedia Management

6.   Added hints on Terminal Multimedia Management Resolution

These hints explain the resolution compatible for devices. The details are as follow:
LCD (320 x 210) - Q2i, R3, TA100C, TA200 Plus
8” (800 x 600) - I-Kiosk 100 Plus
320 x 232 - Face ID 2
400 x 218 - TA100C (FMM)

7.    Added "Work Code Description" option when export Audit Data

8.    Added option to split Terminal ID into new column when export Attendance Data

This option is available at Scheduling & Attendance Tab > Attendance Sheet > Export > Template Configuration.

9.    Added Total Absent column in Export Attendance Summary

10.    Added Export Short Hour & Leave Type in UBS Payroll

11.   Write "TIMING" file when download transaction log after delete

This feature contains all the transactions that already been deleted at the terminal. It will store to the TIMING file as a backup.

To restore the file, go to Scheduling & Attendance Tab > Import Transaction Log. By default, the TIMING file located at C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec\FingerTec TCMS V3\TCMS V3\TIMING.

12.   Enhanced Import User from USB and Export User to USB mechanism

The mechanism of USB data management has been enhanced for a better data transfer.

13.   Removed Leave Summary in Detailed ETC Report

In this release, there are some features that have already been fixed:

Fixed print report in Landscape issues
Fixed user maximum password length from 9 to 8
Fixed User ID showed square when download user via USB
Fixed incorrect value exported for Leave in days when Export Attendance Details


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