Face Recognition Terminal Installation Guide

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Face recognition device is light-sensitive, hence the surrounding condition’s lighting must be controlled from the terminal. The intensity of the light like brightness is measured as the rate at which light energy is delivered to a unit of surface, or energy per unit time per unit area.  The light intensity from indoor lamp or external light will affect the face sensor.  Excessive light to the terminal may interrupt face detection process which may lead to:
  1. 1. Enrollment difficulty
  2. 2. Lower sensitivity of face sensor
  3. 3. Longer time to verify
  4. 4. Failure to enroll
  5. 5. Failure to verify

Recommended installation 
Illuminance is measured in foot candles (ftcd, fc, fcd) or lux (in the metric SI system). A foot candle is one lumen of light density per square foot; one lux is one lumen per square meter.
  • 1 lux = 1 lumen / sq meter = 0.0001 phot = 0.0929 foot candle (ftcd, fcd)  
  • 1 phot = 1 lumen / sq centimeter = 10000 lumens / sq meter = 10000 lux 
  • 1 foot candle (ftcd, fcd) = 1 lumen / sq ft = 10.752 lux 

The light intensity between 0 – 800 lux needs to be considered for indoor installation, depending on your light source. The sun light intensity is 1200 + lux.
You need to make sure that the location of your device installation follow the rules in figure 1.
  1. 1. At least 2 meters from direct indoor light source
  2. 2. At least 3 meter from  direct outdoor light source

Figure 1

Locations that are not recommended because it’ll affect the sensor reading.
  1. 1. Direct sunlight outdoor
  2. 2. Direct sunlight indoor
  3. 3. Indirect sunlight indoor (reflection)
  4. 4. Too close to light source 


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