Batch Add User into TimeTec TA Made Easy by Importing User from File

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec TA is a highly flexible cloud-based time & attendance management system, that allows you to import user information from file. This feature provides a convenient way to integrate user information from the existing 3rd party system, if any, into TimeTec TA. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to import users from files with .xlsx or .txt formats.

This feature allows you to add user in batch into TimeTec TA easily and offers a way for you to transfer users from existing third party HR or payroll system.

1. To import user from file, first go to User Tab > Manage > Import Users > Browse File to import User (two format supported: xlsx and txt). The formats supported are Excel Files (.xlsx) and Text File (.txt). You can download the sample Excel and Text files to help you configure the layout and of the files.

2. Users can directly perform the field matching after importing file if the Excel file contains only 1 sheet.

If the attached Excel file contains multiple sheets, there will be a drop list to select the desired Excel sheet to match the user information. It is strongly recommended to follow the configuration in the sample file as this will smoothen the process of the field matching.

3. The system will then provide a preview of the users from the file. If there is any invalid user in the Excel file, the system will display it together with the reason of the user’s invalidity.
The valid users will be displayed and the information can be viewed before importing into the system.

4. You will be prompted for generate attendance after successfully importing user from file. The issuance date of the user can be changed here as well.

5. A message will be displayed indicating the users have been imported successfully. The total number of users added into the system will be shown.  

6. The users can be seen under User Module after the process is completed successfully.


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