Housekeeping for the TCMS V2

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In computing terms, housekeeping is referred to manual or sometimes automated process where the computer is cleaned-up to optimize its performance. Housekeeping commonly involves removing the archived logs and users activities, backing up data and etc. The housekeeping rule applies to the TCMS V2 software too as the software might respond slower or lag if it is carrying too heavy a load of transaction data. This is particularly observed while generating the Attendance sheet. It is recommended to transfer the transaction data from the Attendance Sheet into the History folder once every 3-6 months to attain optimum performance for the TCMS V2 software.

To perform housekeeping for the TCMS V2 software:

1. In Attendance Sheet, click “To History”.

2. Select specific users or select All to choose the users involved to perform the transfer. Define the date range of the transaction data to be transferred to the History folder and click “To History” to initiate the transfer.

Upon completing the transfer, all the previous transaction data will be only available in the History page.

Besides performing housekeeping on the TCMS V2 software, a routine maintenance on the computer will prolong its usage lifetime and mitigate against the gradual performance loss. Below are a few examples to keep the computer in tiptop condition:

  1. Update the computer with the up to date Anti-Virus data files and scan for virus regularly.
  2. Scan and remove Spyware/Adware.
  3. Delete temporary files and browser cache.
  4. Perform Disc Defragmenter on the system volume.

Written by: Vincent

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