TCMS V3 Software Update v2.1.0.12 (18-05-2017)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 FingerTec 2 Comments

FingerTec newly released TCMS V3 fixed 2 minor bugs in the previous version.

1. Fixed wrong calculation of Overtime when applied flexible break and break paid

In this release, you can set the flexible breaks in Out and OT columns. The result is shown in the picture below:

2. “Weekly Attendance Listing” will show more than one employees on the same page.
In this release, Weekly Attendance Listing report will show many users report in one page. In the previous version, one page report will only show one report for one user which could waste of a lot of papers when customer print it.


  1. I want to know the password to enter into kadex device

    1. Hello Sir,

      Good day to you.

      With regards to your query, please be informed that we do not have any default password for Fingertec device as each of admin password is registered by user itself.

      However, if you want to bypass admin privilege,the only way to remove the Administrator status from the terminal is by using the TCMSV2 Software, if your terminal is connected with the TCP/IP. Please refer to the link below for details on how to clear the Admin using the TCMSV2 Software:

      If you are using Ingress/TCMSv3 software please go to Devices > Select the device on the left panel > Select the "Others" on the right panel > Clear Admin Privilege.

      In case you didn't connect it to the software, please contact your reseller, they will help you to reset the 'Administrator Privilege' at the terminal because only reseller have the authority to reset this terminal.


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