Learn Troubleshooting for Missing Attendance in Ingress & TCMS v3

Friday, December 16, 2016 FingerTec 12 Comments

New users always encounter problem with missing attendance data and transaction data. Fret not! There are steps to troubleshoot these errors. Data enters the Attendance Listing & Attendance Analysis Reports based on the attendance sheet generated in the software. Therefore, in case of any data missing from the reports, the first step to do is to check the data and information in the Attendance sheet.

Now, you can troubleshoot the missing data on your own!

First of all, you  need to download all the transactions from device by going to the Attendance tab > Download > select device > OK.

The transactions downloaded from the devices into Ingress will be listed in the Data Audit List. You could also check your transaction data from the Attendance tab > Data Audit List. Please make sure to select the correct date range when doing the troubleshooting. Check whether the data is already exist in the data audit list of the software.

If the data did not appear in the Data Audit List, try another possible solution, try download the transaction data using Automatic Download Time. To set the download run time, go to System Settings > System Parameter Setting > Attendance > Specify 2 Daily Download Intervals…> Set the times accordingly > save and let the Ingress server run within the set times.

It is important to check the Issuance Date of the user. The user attendance sheet will not appear if the issuance date is set before the current date.

The Attendance sheet is generated based on the data audit list and the clocking schedule setup. Hence, after you have confirmed that the Data Audit List contains the transaction data of the user, check the Group Duty Roster and the Clocking Schedule settings.
If there are any changes made in the Clocking Schedule or the Group Duty Roster for the user and to make sure that the data enters attendance sheet accordingly, you need to generate the attendance at the Ingress > Attendance > Attendance Sheet > Generate > Select User ID and Date range> Ok.

This tip will come handy when you have your attendance data missing. Give this tip to your technical personnel to practise on. They will catch up in no time at all.


  1. I saw my data in the Audit Log, however, I press generate in the attendance sheet... it is still showing the employee name but not the timing... what's wrong?

    1. I found that I need to purge the audit data and the re-download the data again to solve the issue... is this a bug?

    2. FYI. I am using the latest ingress v3.0.8.12 and TA500 device with firmware v6.60 Jun 23 2015.
      This is a fresh installation.

    3. Dear Kidd,

      Good day to you.

      Regarding on your issue, we would like to suggest you to connect your TA500 with TCMSv3 Software. Because the TCMSv3 Software is a time attendance software and it's comes bundles with time attendance devices (Such as TA100C and TA500)

      You can download the latest TCMSv3 Software version, from this link : https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.fingertec.com/Software+Releases/TCMSV3/8-TCMSv3+v2.0.3.2+(27-12-2016)/TCMSv3_v2.0.3.2.zip

    4. Hi, Yusri

      Appreciate your prompt reply. However, we have many branches distributed in Johor. We have many admin staff need to manage their users & attendance while our company want to centralize the DB.

      I found that TCMSv3 is more like standalone client, but Ingress support MySQL DB which fulfill my needs.

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  3. Hi Kidd
    Good day to you,
    As per Mr. Yusri explanatiion, we stronly recommend that TA500 terminal run on TCMS V3 software. For your kind information, TA500 terminal is not designed for connection on Ingress software. Kindly take note that, to centralize the data from different branches to 1 location, you can alternatively perform port forwarding at your terminals, where all devices can be activated at main branch to TCMS V3 software and transfer the data accordingly.

    Thank You.

    1. Actually the device works well with the ingress... It is obviously a software bug that ingress did not use the downloaded audit data when generate button is pressed.
      Step to reproduce this bug...
      1. Create a schedule and roster assigned to user as usual
      2. User perform in & out
      3. administrator change some settings in the schedule
      4. administrator press generate button will show blank in the attendance sheet and report.
      Workaround: purge the downloaded data in "Data Audit List" and then re-download it from the device... it magically repopulate the clocking timing again!
      Hopefully it will help your software dev to include the bug fix in next version.

  4. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for your kind feedback. Please make a backup of your data base, and forward to us to support@fingertec.com so that we can check the issue you are facing further. In addition to that, please provide us the sample user ID and the date (the relevant screen shots), if there are any, when the attendance issue has occurred so that we will be able to assist you accordingly.

    Thank you.

  5. V3 : I have problem with retrieving the REMARK messages after a day; eg. staff came in late due to personal reason so I clicked on the remark to select appropriate remark, so that it shows next to the staff name; it does show the whole time of that particular day only. The day after when I view, the remark disappeared next to the staff name. Pls help.

    1. Hi Betty Leong,

      Referring to the problem, kindly share with us the screenshot picture that can show us the actual problem by emailing to support@fingertec.com before we can advice you further. Appreciate your feedback.


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