8 Fun Facts about the BLE powered Beacon

Friday, December 30, 2016 TimeTec 8 Comments

Did you know that ……

1. Before the days of the BLE Technology, Beacons were typically referred to Lighthouses, tall structures that guide ships to navigate at sea. The BLE Beacon, however, is no lighthouse. 

2. The BLE Beacon is a small device that transmits signals. Designed on purpose to be low powered, and to emit short-range signals at set intervals. Its short transmission range makes it the perfect device for providing location-based information and services, such as marking time attendance.  

3. BLE actually stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, it is an enhanced and advanced version of the Classic Bluetooth designed by Nokia back in the days. BLE has come a long way from its predecessor, enabling a greater variety of functions and data exchange capability, including reporting Time Attendance. 

4. BLE Beacons are easy to use, and apps such as TimeTec TA has made it so that users only need to Sign in, and with a single tap, you can mark your attendance in the office. It's technology, not magic!

5. Beacon is a widely accessible technology. Because BLE capability is found in most of our mobile devices today, Beacons are able to work on Android and iOS platforms on smartphones and tablets.

6. With BLE, Beacons maintains a very good battery life. Generally lasting from about 18 to 24 months, while some may even last over 5 years. Despite their reliability, Beacons don’t actually work that hard. They let Bluetooth do all the work, and Bluetooth is incredibly energy efficient. Even with a small sized battery, it packs a good punch.

7. Beacons are not just user-friendly, they are respectful. Because Beacon requires users to Opt-in for a successful pairing. It makes a secure, friendly and respectful device for Time Attendance.

8. When BLE Beacons are implemented with TimeTec TA in your office, you can forget punch cards and access cards, all you need is your smartphone to clock in and/or out. 

Try your hand at Time Beacon for Attendance using TimeTec TA mobile app and watch this video to know how easy it is to get your attendance data sorted out. Stay tuned for more info about beacon on this blog. 


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