Ingress Software Update (v3.0.8.12)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 TimeTec 2 Comments

A new version of Ingress Software (v3.0.8.12) release is now available containing a total of 18 new features and 7 bug fixes. 2016 has been a roller coaster ride for many of us and we are hopeful that 2017 will offer us something better. Before we leave 2016 behind, we would take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

VERSION: v3.0.8.12 DATE: 09-12-2016

1. Persian Language is Available!
Persian or Farsi is a language predominantly used in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and some parts of Iraq. And now Ingress is made available in Persian. If you want your language to be available in Ingress, let us know. Email at to request.

2. Elapsed Time for Backup / Restore Database
Waiting without knowing its duration or time range could be frustrating to some. Now Ingress displays elapsed time for backup or restore database so you’ll know the estimated time to complete the process.

3. Configure System Settings without any Activated Terminal
Previously, you must have at least a device connected to Ingress before you could configure System Settings. Not anymore! Now you can configure System Settings even without connecting any device to Ingress.

VERSION: v3.0.8.7    DATE: 01-12-2016

1. Configure Alternate Restdays in Group Duty Roster
You can now configure alternative restdays in Group Duty Roster where any days of the week can be selected as restdays and can be applied on all weeks of the month.

2. Edit Clocking Time in Clocking Schedule Configuration for Flexi Schedule
Previously, Flexi Clocking won’t accept time range definition because clocking times in flexi is supposed to be flexible, that a staff can clock at anytime he/she pleases. Based on the market feedback, some users want more control on the flexibility by applying a certain time range on flexi clocking schedule. For example, a staff is permitted to do flexi clocking between 9-5pm, and if the staff extends the clocking outside of the time range, the company will not accept the flexibility. Based on that requirement, clocking times can now be inserted in Flexi Clocking Schedule in the latest release of Ingress. However, it shouldn’t worry those who do not want to define times in Flexi Clocking Schedule; your way works too.

3. Revamp Import User From File on User Module
The layout of the Import User from File module has been improved where you can directly match more information from the USB File such as Email, Phone, Address, etc.

4. Revamp Database Backup Folder Selection UI
A newly-designed window will be prompted when selecting folder for database backup. This provides easier navigation on the folder path as compared to the previous Window.

5. FingerTec Webster Migration Feature
The latest version of Ingress offers a new database migration option for Webster users. By logging in into Webster database server, users can migrate the database seamlessly into Ingress.

6. Import Attendance Photo from USB in Attendance Module
With this option added into Attendance Module, photos captured during verification can now be imported from USB file into the software.

7. Import Remark/Workcode on Attendance Module
New Remark or Workcode can be imported into Ingress directly from the transactions downloaded into the Data Audit List.

8. Add Current Report Option with Selected Options to Report Scheduler
This feature offers a convenient way to set up report to be used in Report Scheduler. After selecting the desired report type and format, users can directly add it into the report list in Report Scheduler.

9. Enhancement on the Order of Device Assigned to Door
The add devices to door under Doors Module, you can now select devices from the pop up Window. The assigned device will be displayed below the list.

10. Enhancement on Add New Schedule in Attendance Module
There is now a ‘wizard’ to configure the clocking schedule in Attendance Module. By clicking ‘More’ at the bottom left corner when adding a new schedule, users can directly construct a complete clocking schedule with the settings on clocking time, rounding, break, and overtime, just by answering a few questions to  match your company’s attendance and clocking policy.

11. Enhancement on Print Multiple Weeks in Weekly Wages Report & Weekly Staff Duty Roster in Report Module
Weekly reports such as Weekly Wages Reports and Weekly Staff Duty Roster can now be printed in a new format where information is arranged in a more orderly manner.

12. Enhanced Export User info Fields at Export User in User Module
The latest Ingress provides more flexibility with more User Info fields to be selected and exported to file in User Module.

13. Display Device Last Connection Status on Devices Module
Devices’ connection statuses can now be seen in Devices Module, whereby Green is connected, Red is disconnected, and Grey indicates Not Applicable (for devices of USB connection)

14. Display Face Template Count on User Module
Other than fingerprint count, face template count is also available in the user overview in User Module. 

15. Display remark field on User Module
User could do Remark for employee which can be found under Event Tab in the User Module.

Fixed Errors:
16. Fixed Rounding in Clocking Schedule unable to save
17. Fixed Leave Type will not show when using Open Schedule
18. Fixed Sage UBS payroll not exported on Attendance Module
19. Fixed users not imported on User Module
20. Fixed wrong calculations of Work Hour when using HH.HH format on Report Module
21. Fixed attendance data not exported when not select User ID on Attendance Module
22. Fixed first and last rounding rules displaying incorrect results when generating attendance


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