TA300 Shortcut Keys Explained!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 FingerTec 4 Comments

TA300 is a very simple model, specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses. It is using a different User Interface and has fewer features compared to other FingerTec models. The keypad buttons on the device offer some direct functions including enrolling of fingerprint and user enrollment but at the same time, it has limited access to other settings. With a few tips and Hotkey codes provided in this article, you can now have access to some features of the TA300.

Some features can be changed easily on the TA300 terminal itself without using any tool.

1. Enroll Admin (User ID 8888)
TA300 supports two types of user privilege: Admin and User. The Admin privilege is only available for 1 user only and the User ID for Admin is 8888. To enroll an Admin, you can press Enroll FP button > User ID = 8888 > Place finger 3 times. Make sure you are not using User ID 8888 for normal user.

To change the Admin, you will need to delete the previous Admin User ID first, but it will require the verification from the previous Admin. In the case of Admin’s resignation or lost of fingerprint, you can use TCMS V2 Software to create another Admin and upload it into Device. If the problem still persists, please contact the reseller for assistance.

2. Change Language (Button 5555)
You can change the language on TA300 by pressing button 5555 > TimeSet. There are 9 languages that have been preloaded into the device: English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, TCH (Chinese Traditional), SCH (Chinese Simplified), Portuguese, Indonesia, and French.

3. Change Algorithm Versionn (Button 2222)
Since 2013, the default Algorithm version for TA300 is VX 10.0. There were certain situations where clients who were using VX 9.0 on their FingerTec devices wished to transfer the same fingerprints on TA300. In these kinds of cases, clients can change the Algorithm version of TA300 from VX 10.0 to VX 9.0.

To do that, press button 2222 > TimeSet, select desired Algorithm version, VX9.0 or VX10.0. Please note that changing the Algorithm will delete all existing User data in the device.

4. Set Scheduled Bell (Button TimeSet)
TA300 can support Schedule Bell, which is useful in alerting employees during shifts changes, lunch breaks, or simply the clocking status itself.

To enable the Schedule Bell, press TimeSet button > go to Scheduled Box by pressing button IN(left) or button OUT(right) > set the time to trigger the Schedule Bell.

To disable the Schedule Bell, press TimeSet button > go to Scheduled Box by press button IN(left) or button OUT(right) > press button Del User.

5. View System Info and Device Info (Button 9999)
You can check the TA300’s System Info and Device Info by pressing button 9999 > TimeSet > 9999 > TimeSet. This will display the total Users and Attendance Log inside the terminal. Go to Device Info to view information such as Serial Number and Algorithm version.

6. Enable Display Time in Second (Button 5555)
The default Display Time shows only Hour and Minutes only. If you wish to enable the display time with Seconds, you can press 5151 > TimeSet.

7. Delete Attendance Log (Button 7777)
If the transaction is full in TA300 terminal, you can delete all Attendance Log directly from the TA300 by pressing button 7777 > TimeSet.

8. Auto Test Device (Button 6666)
You can also run a Hardware test on TA300 to inspect the condition of the TA300’s hardware such as LCD Screen, Speaker and Keypad Button. Press 6666 > TimeSet > press button OK.

A. Test LCD Display

B. Test Finger Scanner

C. Test Keypad Button

D. Test Voice


  1. My employees are kind of dumb, is there anyway to change the device to show AM PM, rather than military time?

    1. Hello

      We are sorry to inform that the clocking format for TA300 device are fixed to 24 hour format time only. Sorry for any inconvenience cause.

  2. Hello,

    I have a biometric Model AC 100C, we stopped using it for some time and we lost the Administrator password. I would like to know how to restore.

    1. Hello Jusymar Francisco,

      Currently, AC100C still connected to the PC or not? If still connected, you can assign a new superadmin/supervisor in the software, then upload into the device.

      However, if the device doesn't connected to the PC, you need to contact back to your previous local reseller, because only reseller has authority to log in the device menu without admin privilege and remove admin privilege from the devices.


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