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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 TimeTec 2 Comments

TimeTec Mobile is an app for TimeTec Time Attendance solutions, available in iOS and Android smartphones. With the app, the staff can clock their time and can view time productivity easily. There are many clocking options for TimeTec TA and the latest is Supervisor Clocking whereby a supervisor can clock for their team members using photo verification.

Some staff might not be having smartphones to access to TimeTec Mobile app, and some might not permitted to bring smartphones to work. To deal with the inconvenience, TimeTec Mobile app introduces Supervisor Clocking that verifies the team member by snapping his/her photo with the clock time.

STEP 1 – Administrator login to TimeTec

STEP 2 – Click on Settings > General and make sure that camera is enabled.

STEP 3 – Click Clocking > Supervisor

STEP 4 – You can view all users

STEP 5 – Click the 'Map marker' icon and the app will open the camera to capture the employee’s photo

STEP 6 - After the verification is done, you will see this message

STEP 7 – To check user clocking data with their picture > Login to Timetec TA Software > Open Data Audit List

STEP 8 – To view user photo, click 'Mobile phone' icon and you can see all the photos of the employee clocked using the Supervisor Clocking feature.

To watch our video guide on Supervisor Clocking, please click here.


  1. In step 3 to 5 I observed that when the Attendance feature is selected, it brings out the fingerprint of users but mine doesn't reflect same. how do I get this to work? thank in advance.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you.

      Firstly, please update your TimeTec TA mobile apps.

      In the current Timetec TA Mobile apps version : V4.6.8 , When you login Timetec TA as administrator and click "Clocking" button.

      Then you will see has 2 option :
      1- Personal
      2- Supervisor

      For personal is use for you to verify your attendance data, then for supervisor, you can help your worker to verify attendance.

      Kindly let us know the above answer solved your inquiry, however if the given answer not solved your inquiry and also you have any further inquiry, we suggesting you to direct email to support@fingertec.com.


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