Ingress Software Update (v3.0.7.18)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

For this quarter, we have released the latest version of Ingress (v3.0.7.18) that is packed with 12 extra new features. We have also fixed the errors that was found in the previous version of Ingress, as listed below:

New Features

1. We introduced new option in Flexi Schedule known as “Capture the first and last records for attendance” that allows Ingress to capture only the first and last verification and ignore any verification happened in between, by users.

2. Added "Device User Report" in Report to produce a list of users in the selected device(s). You can also sort the list by User ID or User Name.

3.  Added “User ID Input Format” in System Settings to allow numeric or alphanumeric User ID.

4. In Clocking Range, we’ve added a feature known as “Enable attendance records from selected devices only”. This feature lets you select different terminals to accept users’ attendance records during different time slots or attendance column. For example, during ‘In’ time, only transactions from Device 1 will be recorded as attendance and during ‘Out’, only transactions from Device 2 will be considered as attendance and etc. This feature is introduced to provide users with better terminal and data management whereby users will be disciplined to use dedicated terminals for different purposes.

5. In Data Audit List, you can select multiple options for Work Code, Check Type and Verify Type to make searching and sorting of data easier and more convenient.

6. Changed Card No. option from mandatory to non-mandatory when adding user by batch. By default, Card No. field is now non-mandatory in Batch Create User. You may register a card for each user after creating them in batch.

7. When you select United States to be the country in the System Settings Module, the default schedule will be set as “Flexi” when you add a new clocking schedule. For other countries, the default work schedule is ‘Weekly’.

8.  This update will remove all attendance from a user once the expiry date of that particular user is due. This update will remove all attendance from users once the expiry date is due. For example (see figure below), the attendance of User 101 will be removed from attendance module after 07/11/2016.

9. Display Short Hour in Attendance Sheet Report. In Attendance Sheet Report, employers can now see the total of short hour(s) an employee has accumulated.

10. Enhanced Leave type display, in Attendance Sheet report with "In/Out Clocking" option

11. Enhance OFIS enrollment user fingerprints in batch by clicking on Registration in OFIS TA tab (as shown below), you can register fingerprints for selected users from a list of user IDs.

12. Supports up to 30 Leave Types
Ingress can now support up to 30 leave types under Attendance Tab.

Fixed Errors

1. Fixed calculation rules for holiday in USA payroll not saved properly on Attendance Module
2. Fixed MYOB not exported leave on Attendance Module
3. Fixed Permanent Door Open Close Timezone not uploaded for Stand Alone Device
4. Fixed missing In/Out transaction data in Attendance Sheet Report
5. Fixed Username under department that did not sort correctly
6. Fixed Work Hour not displaying when using Flexi Schedule
7. Fixed Software Crash Issue when user cut/paste attendance time in Attendance Sheet
8. Fixed Sage UBS payroll did not export on Attendance Module


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