Migrate Data from TCMSv2 to TCMSv3 Easily

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 FingerTec 8 Comments

TCMS V2 is FingerTec’s bundled software since 14 years ago and over the years we have made progress on the software front. Earlier this year we have introduced the latest and more powerful bundled software TCMS V3 designed for time attendance purpose. Now, you can migrate your data from TCMS V2  to TCMS V3 software easily. Learn how.

You neither need to redo the clocking schedule setup, nor do you need to insert employee biodata into the TCMS V3 software. The types of data to migrate are as follow:

1. Company hierarchy (names of departments and sections)
2. Attendance rules and calculations (clocking schedules, group duty roster, holiday, leave types)
3. Employees’ biodata (name, address, phone, designation etc.)
4. Employees’ verification credentials (ID, fingerprints, password, card ID)

However, please note that the manually edited data in your TCMS V2’s attendance will not be migrated because the data migration only takes the raw clocking in your Audit list, and generate a new attendance sheet in TCMS V3.

Note : We are strongly recommending user to do housekeeping before migration process for large scale database so that it can decrease migration time and enhance migration process.You can refer here on how to do housekeeping in TCMS V2.

1) Backup your TCMS V2 software database at TCMSv2 > System Settings > Backup/Restore Database > Backup Database.

Note: You must make sure that you are using TCMS v2.2.027 to make the backup. If you are using an older version of TCMS v2, please first update your software to v2.2.027. The installer of TCMS v2.2.027 can be downloaded here 

2) Now, go to the TCMS V3 software > Click v3 icon > Migration Wizard > FingerTec TCMSv2.

3) Click browse and choose your TCMSv2 backup database and click upload.

4) Select all employees and tick all options that you want to migrate such as devices / user / schedule & roster / leave,holiday,remark. After done, click import selected.

5) The migration process is finished when the zip file has been imported successfully.


  1. Hi
    how are you sir
    i have an old machine it's R2
    can i use this machine with the TCMS V3
    because i already migrate every thing from TCMS V2
    but i couldn't active R2 machine on the new software
    i think it doesn't sopport this kind of machines
    please can you tell me if i am right.
    your faithfully.

    1. Hi Reda Ahmed,

      For your information, R2 is the access control device. So in this case we would like to recommend you connect and use the Ingress software instead of TCMSv3 software. It is because, the TCMSv3 software was developed to work as Time Attendance system only and cannot support any door access features like Ingress software.

      You can refer to the following tips and newsletter on how to migrate the TCMSv2 database to Ingress software.


  2. Hi
    i use R2 device as Time attendance system only with TCMS v2
    i don't have any door connected to your device
    and i don't wan't you to tell me how too immigrate the data from terminals
    please don't tell me other information if you don't understand my question
    i already asked you a question
    Do i can connect R2 device to TCMS v3?
    Do you have answer ?
    your faithfully.

    1. Dear Reda Ahmed,

      You can connect R2 device to TCMS V3 by using offline activation. Kindly send an email to support@fingertec.com together with the serial number of your device for us to generate TCMS V3 offline activation product key for you.


  3. Thank you very much for your reply
    now you give me the answer that i want to know
    it means i can use it
    but i already have disk with the software and the product key and the activation key
    i already use it with the TCMS v2
    is it necessary to regenerate activation key again?
    anyway i will send the email to support@fingertec.com
    please accept my apology for much questions
    your faithfully

    1. Dear Reda Ahmed,

      For your information, TCMSv2 and TCMSv3 license is a different, so you cannot use the same activation key used in TCMSv2 to activate the device in TCMSv3 Software.

      Please send your device serial number to support@fingertec.com , so we can generate TCMS V3 offline activation product key for you.

  4. Hi,
    My client currently using TCMS V2 and want to upgrade to TCMS V3. Do they need to buy upgrade license? The latest TCMS is bundled with TA200 Plus reader

    1. Hello Yudi,

      Referring to your query, no need to buy a new license for TCMSv3. If you want to migrate the TCMSv2 database to TCMSv3, system will automatically activate the old device with the TCMSv3 software. However if you want to add or activate the device manually you can always retrieve the TCMSv3 key from the following link:


      Our system will automatically generate the product key and activation code.


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