Common Issues in TCMS V3 / Ingress Software After Database Migration

Friday, January 19, 2018 FingerTec 31 Comments

Occasionally, users might be facing some issues while using TCMS V3 or Ingress software after
migrating the database from TCMS V2. Below are some examples of common issues that arise after
the migration process.
Issue 1: Failed or Invalid Device Activation
To prevent any activation issues, please do not use TCMS V2 product key when activating TCMS V3
or Ingress software. If your PC has an Internet connection, opt for Online Activation in order to
activate the device after the migration process.

However, if your PC do not have any Internet connection, you will need to carry out offline activation.
Go to this site to retrieve the product key for your
device(s) and insert the product key manually to activate.

Issue 2: Different Schedule ID
Schedule ID in TCMS V3 and Ingress is different from TCMS V2. TCMS V2 Schedule ID starts from
0, while TCMS V3 and Ingress Schedule ID starts from 1. Thus, you might see a different set of
Schedule ID in TCMS V3 or Ingress after the database migration. For example, in TCMS V2, your
Schedule IDs are 0 - 4; however, once you migrated to TCMS V3 or Ingress, the Schedule IDs will
be labelled as 1 - 5. Don’t worry, this is not a bug, it happens because of the difference in software

After Migration:

Issue 3 - Open Schedule Differences in TCMS V2 and TCMS V3/Ingress
After migrating the database from TCMS V2, you might encounter certain issues related to Open
Schedule roster in TCMS V3 or Ingress. Open Schedule roster configuration in TCMS V2 slightly
differs with TCMS V3 or Ingress. Shift Roster is used to create Open Schedule for TCMS V2, but for
TCMS V3/Ingress, you will have to use Weekly Roster to configure an Open Schedule. Note that you will have to reconfigure the roster in TCMS V3/Ingress after the migration. Otherwise, the data
will not be allocated correctly in the software.
Open Schedule settings in TCMS V2:

After Migration:
In TCMS V3/Ingress, there is no option for you to configure the Open Schedule within the migrated
shift roster. To ensure that Open Schedule roster works in TCMS V3 or Ingress, we suggest that you
create a new Open Weekly Roster and re-configure the Open Schedule configuration. Note that you
can still use the existing migrated Schedule ID in the new Weekly Open Roster.
To create Open Schedule Roster in TCMS V3/Ingress:
1) Go to Group Duty Roster > Click Add Roster > Configure the roster name and set the roster as
Weekly > OK

2) Select the new roster and click Edit > Auto Schedule > Set the Day Type and add the Open
Schedule ID


  1. hi , I use TCMS V3 for my work attendace. I am the manager and I calculate everyone's total hours. Before I was able to connect to the fingertec device (over the wifi and not having to physically connect the device to my computer) through my TCMS software. But since last week everytime I hit download button, it shows no attendance (clock ins or clock out) for any employee. It's just blank. I hope I have explained my issue properly. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers !!!

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you,

      Firstly, may I know the TCMSv3 version that you're using , go to V3 icon > click About Us. Besides that, please go to Device tab > Activate the device again. Once activated , re-download the logs again into the software. Once downloaded, please check in the Data Audit List, do the downloaded transaction logs existed or not?

      To check the audit data:
      Go to Scheduling & Attendance > Data Audit List > search based on the date range

  2. hi, thanks for such a quick response. The software version is But could you please tell me how do I download the logs ? I went to Devices > OP Log > Download OP Log. But everytime I tried doing that I got an error message saying "failed to download OP Log". By the way, I activated the device.

    1. Dear Sir,

      If you want to download all the clocking data from device into Software. In TCMSV3 Software, please click "Scheduling and attendance" > click Download data.

      All the downloaded data will shown in the "Data Audit List"

      If there is any other information required, do let me know so I may assist you accordingly.

  3. I know what "Scheduling and attendance" tab is for. I've doing this for months now but that tab no longer downloads any data and that's what the issue is. Everytime I hit download data, it downloads nothing. It was working fine until last month. All of a sudden it doesn't download any data.
    thanks again for your time !!!

    1. Dear Sir,

      You can try to reactivate your device from the device tab, and download the attendance data again. If you are using Ingress software, you can close the software, and run the DB Installer(make sure all the 3 steps complete).

      You can test and check whether the data can be downloaded to the software or not

      Best regards,
      Tengku Sulaiman

    2. I was/am having the same issue. i found that i have to generate every time I download. I didn't have to do this before but for some reason i do now, and if I don't choose the correct date range, it gets rid of any edits I may have done.

    3. Dear Sir / Ma'am,

      Referring to your issue, kindly backup your TCMSv3 database, then reinstall TCMSv3 using the latest version ( Please follow steps below

      1) Open TCMSv3 folder (Local Disk C > Program Files (x86) > Fingertec > TCMSv3) and copy Ingress.MDB
      2) Paste Ingress.MDB in C:Fingertec backup folder
      3) Uninstall current TCMSv3 Software
      4) Rename TCMSv3 folder as "oldTCMSv3"
      5) Install the latest TCMSv3 installer below
      6) Run TCMSv3 Software and see if the problem still persists or not

      In the same time, please ensure you tick the 'Keep user changed data' option if you want to keep the edited data (refer And you may set the Auto Generate Audit Data Interval in System Settings > System Parameter Settings > Server if you don't want to generate manually (refer

      Thanks & Best Regards,

      Nursyafawani Kasram binti Mohd Hisham

  4. Hi I am migrating from TMCS V2 to TCMS V3 and I come across the problem that I cannot connect to my three (3) terminals and some staff that i have registered when using TCMS V2 was not recognised in using TCMS V3. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Hi Teresa Taamoa,

    Referring to your query, kindly check the connection between your terminal and software, make sure you are using the correct IP address with TCP/IP mode. To check the connection status, you can try to ping the device IP address using command prompt and check whether you will get reply or not.

    Regarding to the staff that not recognized by TCMSv3 software, you can check the Issuance Date and Expiry Date setting (refer picture Please make sure the date is still valid before you can generate the Attendance record for this user. Regards.

  6. Hi
    We are using the new version TCMSv3 and i have some detailed clarification for the below issues and i need your guideline.

    1. Flexi schedule in/out timing is not showing
    In / out is not appearing in the attendance.

    2. "In" time goes to the "out" and doesn’t revert for normal employee.
    If the employee comes late more than 4 hours, the time moves to "out" column( we are
    not using break timing). and even when he logs out, still the timing is in "out"

    3. No automatic Absent in the report
    The Absent is not showing automatically for employee who did not Log in or out in the
    CSV or EXCEL report and even the dates are not showing.

    4. Not showing the original clocking same as old version( drag and drop not available)

    5. Day Types were not editable.

    6. How can i customize user to block the editing of timing.

    7. Night shift employees timing goes to the following day.

    8. Minimum works to get OT option.
    I am getting confused with this option. for example
    we have employees working 9 hours per shift including break. so i want to pay OT for them if
    they work more than 9 hours which is 540 minutes. if I encode 540 minutes then OT hours is
    not showing at all.

    Please help me to fix the above issue and our organization having difficulties in getting the correct data.


    1. Hello Mr Sadhak,

      Good day to you.

      With regards to your query, please provide us your database backup and one example of user id that facing this issue so that we can check on this accordingly.

      You may send an email to for us to rectify this issue further.

      Thank you.

  7. Boa tarde,

    Como posso configurar um ponto de trabalho/PC mas a base de dados no servidor no software TCMS V3 (ultima versão).
    Na V2 bastava instalar e colocar o caminho do servidor para aceder a mesma base de dados/configurações.


    1. Hello Sir,

      For your information, the TCMSv3 software does not design to use as multi users solution where it cannot be installed or shared with more than one PC.
      In this case you can use Ingress software, because it can support with multi users PC by installing the Ingress server on main PC and Ingress client on the other PC that connected in the same LAN. For details about Ingress software you can refer to the following tips.


  8. Hi ,
    i am using Device TA500 and TCMS V3 software
    Problem is that i am adding users from devices with fingerprint but when i try to download user from device to software it download info of user but no fingerprint count is shown in software and also when i try to checkin In and Out it is recorded in device but not able to see any record in software...please advice

    1. Hello Mr Ali Shaikh,

      Kindly email us on your issue with related screenshot to our email at so that our team can assist to check on your issue further.

      For your transaction data, please check either data exist in Data Audit List or not and try to generate Attendance sheet again.

  9. Hi, tcmsv3 says: database server connection error. Please, check your database connection

    1. Hello Sir,

      Referring to the problem, you can try to fix this issue by follow the instruction from the following article. Before that, please restart your TCMSv3 services, by go to Control Panel > Administrator tools > Services > search TCMSv3 Service and restart.


    2. I cannot restart in services, stop, restart and resume are greyed out. Also, I cannot find tcmsv3 under System DSN in ODBC

  10. Dear Sir,
    Currently we are using TCMSv3 and plan to use Ingress.

    Can you show me the links references about how to convert/export/import from TCMSv3 to Ingress? All I found is about TCMSv2 to Ingress/TCMSv3.

    Thank you &
    Best Regards,

    Tammy Nusyaputera

  11. Hi
    why there is difference between attendance on the tcmv2 and ingress for some id?

    1. Hello,

      Good day. Once you have migrated to Ingress Software, please check the clocking schedule and group duty roster assigned for the user. As mentioned in this tips, the clocking schedule ID will be different from TCMS v2. You may check and configure the group duty roster again by auto schedule all the group duty roster.

  12. what is best migration software for tmsv2 ? ingress or tcms v3 ?

    1. Hello,

      Good day. For your info, TCMS v3 is a Time Attendance software and Ingress is Access Control & Time Attendance software. Kindly refer link below for more information.

  13. can i install ingress or tcms v3 on the windows server 2012 standard ?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, you can install these software on Windoes Server 2012.


  14. where am i able to download older version from? Thanks

    1. Hello Sir,

      You may download TCMSv3 v2.1.6.8 from link below :

  15. Good morning. I have 14 employees logging in with fingertech V3. This morning after download only 1 employee shows. All the schedules are correct and all employees are expiry date is 2040. Don't know where else to look to fix this?

    1. Hello,

      Good day. May I know right now in the user module showing 1 user or 14 users? If showing 14, please check all the user issuance date and make sure these date is a valid date. At the same time, please regenerate your attendance sheet and check if the clocking schedule able to shows or not.


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