Unable to Download Transaction Log/User Data from FMM Terminals Via USB

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While the TCMSV2 offers wired communication methods such as TCP/IP and Serial Port, there will be situations where a USB flash drive is required to transfer data from the terminal to the software and vice versa.

A place where there is no wired communication facility or if
your network is down due to a server or router issue are some examples of situations where a USB flash drive data transfer is required. This feature is available for all FingerTec Models (except AC900).


By using a USB flash drive, transfer of data is more manual and there are no more worries of network connection loss and failures. USB data transfers are secure as it does not rely on network connections or wirings and cables. The data in the flash drive can also be kept as backup.


  1. Please refer to the link below for the list of renowned USB flash drive brands that can be used with our FingerTec terminals.

  1. Check the firmware of the FMM terminal. Go to your terminal >Select Menu > System Info > Firmware Info > Ensure that the firmware version is 4259-2-20150319 or above.

     3.  If the firmware is older than the version mentioned above, kindly update the firmware  of your terminal by contacting your reseller or Fingertec support at support@fingertec.com

    4.  Make sure the USB data setting in the terminal is set to Encrypted. Go to Menu > USB
Manager > Download Options > Encryption = ON

    5.   Once the steps above have been performed, you can connect your USB flash drive to your
          terminal and proceed to download the USB data transaction from your device(s). Go to
          Menu > USB Manager > Download > Attendance Data
    6.  Check your TCMSV2 version and make sure that you use the latest version. You can check
          the version of the software by going to System Setting > What's new in this release? > The
          latest version must be v2.2.027 06-08-2015 and above.
      Note:   If your TCMSV2 version is outdated, please download the latest ft.exe here.

7.  Configure your device for USB connection in TCMSV2. The Device ID must be correct for
      TCMSV2 and TA100C FMM.

             In TCMSV2 Software > Devices > Setup FingerTec Terminal > Type the correct ID >
             Select USB under Connection

8.  To view the Device ID, go to TA100C FMM > Menu > Comm > PC Connection > Device ID
 9.  Now you can read the clocking data from your USB flash drive. Go to Devices > USB
      Flash Disk Management > Read Clocking data > Select correct Disk Drive > click From


  1. new framework not working with TCMSV2
    only old framework run with USB a new device not work i cannot read anytime attend via USB when USB flash download from new device of fingertec face id 2

    please help my i have 15 device on far place

    1. Hi Sir,

      With regards to your query, can I know is there any error during read the data using USB to the software? This issue happen after you update your net framework? For further discussion, you can forward your query to support@fingertec.com and we can discuss this with more details.

      Best regards,
      Tengku Sulaiman

  2. I am not able to download attendance logs from terminals even our network is up and connected to terminals. it initially starts downloading for some employees then stuck and never completed.

    1. Hello Sir,

      Good day to you.

      With regards to your query, please check on your software version, and make sure your software is updated.

      You may find the latest software installer from this link and select which software you are using :


      After that, you need to uninstall the software from Control Panel, and install the latest software version as above.

      Then, you may try to download attendance log from the software and please do not hesitate to contact us at support@fingertec.com if you still facing the same issue.

  3. terminal device TA100c cannot able to download the log, its keep shows "Failed to read usb disk" after many reset as well.

    1. Hello Sir,

      For your info, FingerTec terminals are running on Linux Kernel 2.4, and therefore only can support USB flash disk with Linux Kernel 2.4.x only. Any USB flash disks that support minimum Linux Kernel 2.6.x or above cannot work with FingerTec terminals.


      You may try to format your thumb drive as FAT32 format first and try again. Refer : https://prnt.sc/tadw07. If still not possible then we advice to try with other thumb drive and check again.

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  6. my instance is different from this, i rather cannot download user logs to pc it gets stuck on retrieving data then the whole app freezes

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