15 TCMS V3 Most Common Technical Questions Answered

Tuesday, August 09, 2016 FingerTec 27 Comments

Q1: I do not have Internet connection at my TCMS V3’s PC. How could I obtain the product key to activate my device(s)?
A: You can forward an e-mail to our support team at support@fingertec.com with the following details for us to generate the product key(s) for you:

Serial Number:   
Terminal Model:               
Company Name:

Once we've received the details from you, we will generate the product keys you need and send it to you. Now, you have to select Offline activation and key in the Product Key to activate your device. 

Key in the Product Key in offline mode
Q2: I want TCMS V3 to automatically download the attendance logs from the device, without requiring me to manually download the data daily. Can TCMS V3 cater to my requirement?

A: Definitely. For your information, TCMS V3 performs automatic download on real-time basis when a device is connected to the software. However, if the connection is unstable, or the device’s connection is lost, you can set up an Automatic Download Interval. This can be done by following these steps: System Setting > System Parameter Setting > Attendance. By going here, you are given two options to set up the Automatic Download Interval, as explained below:

a) Auto Download Transaction Log Interval (HH:mm): You can key-in a value in HH:mm format for the automatic download process to run. For example, if you set 00:30, the system will automatically download the attendance logs every 30 minutes.

b) Specify daily download timer for the system to activate the automatic download process everyday: You can set up to two times for the data to be downloaded automatically on daily basis. You can insert the time that is desired for the automatic download process to run. For example, 10.00am and 7.00pm. By configuring this option, the system will automatically download the attendance logs at 10.00am and 7.00pm daily.

Note: To make sure that the download process runs correctly, you must ensure that you have ticked the option “Perform daily download when the computer is powered on” option, so that a Windows Service will be created to download the logs, even though Ingress software is not running at that moment. You must also ensure that you configure only ONE of the options above, either a or b, so that the system will not conflict between these two options.

Q3:  I’m using TCMS V2 now and very much interested to switch to TCMS V3. How should I transfer the data from TCMS V2 software into TCMS V3 safely?

A3:  We have prepared the Migration Wizard in TCMS V3 to migrate your TCMS V2 database into TCMS V3. Please note that the manually edited data in your TCMS V2’s attendance will not be migrated because the data migration only takes the raw clocking in your Audit list, and generate a new attendance sheet in TCMS V3.  You can follow these steps to migrate your database into TCMS V3:

a) Backup your TCMS V2 software, by following these steps: System Setting > Backup/Restore Database Files > Backup > Apply. Once done, you can get your database zip file in your TCMSv2 folder in your local drive. Note: You must make sure that you are using TCMS v2.2.027 to make the backup. If you are using an older version of TCMS v2, please first update your software to v2.2.027. The installer of TCMS v2.2.027 can be downloaded here 
b) Next, open TCMS V3, and run the Migration Wizard for FingerTec TCMS v2, as shown below.
c) Browse and select the TCMS v2 database .ZIP file that is located in your TCMSv2 folder, and click Upload. Follow the Wizard’s instruction until the migration process is complete. Once done, all your TCMS v2 data will be migrated into your TCMS v3 software, accordingly.

Q4: Can TCMS V3 be shared into multiple PCs so that multiple users can log in to the software?
A4: No, TCMS v3 is designed to be used in a single PC, and cannot be shared or installed in multiple PCs, as it may corrupt the database of the software, thus causing data loss. However, multiple user accounts with different roles can be created in the software. To do so, you can go to System Setting > System User > User Roles and User Accounts. 

Q5: Can TCMS v3 be configured to make automatic backups?
A5: Yes, you can set the daily backup timer for TCMS v3 by going to System Setting > Database Configuration > Set the time for automatic backup to run.

Q6: I have multiple branches that are using FingerTec’s Time Attendance devices. Can I connect all those remote devices to my TCMS v3, which is located at the Head Office?
A6: Yes, you can use Dynamic DNS or Port Forwarding to connect your remote devices to your TCMS V3. To connect devices that are using Dynamic DNS or Port Forwarding, you must check the “Quick Connect” when you add your devices.

Q7: Can I monitor user’s transactions in TCMS V3 on real-time basis?
A7: Yes, you can go to the Monitoring tab to view all the transactions that have been done at your terminal(s) on real-time basis. To ensure that Monitoring module runs properly, please make sure that the device’s connection with the software is stable.

Q8: I cannot access my device’s menu, as the previous administrator has resigned from our company. How do I reset the device to enter the device’s menu? Can it be done through TCMS V3?
A8: If your device is blocked by administrator’s privilege, resetting the device will not solve your problem. You just need to clear the administrator privilege in your device to access the menu. This can be done in TCMS V3 by going to Devices > Double-Click Device Name > Other > Clear Admin Privilege. Once done, you will be able to access the device menu, to register a new administrator.

Q9: I want to assign leaves to some users. How do I do that in TCMS v3?
A9: You can assign leaves to users by going to Scheduling & Attendance > User Duty Planner > Double-click User name > Edit > Right-click on the leave’s start date > Leave Type > Select Leave Type and Effective Date > Save.

Q10: How do I configure the Public Holidays in TCMS V3?
A10: You can assign the public holidays into your duty calendar by going to Scheduling & Attendance > Holiday List > Select Calendar or List View > Edit. There are two options to set the holidays, which are by using the Calendar View, or the List View.
If you are using the Calendar View, you can set the holiday by double-clicking on the holiday date on the calendar, then assign the Holiday Description and the effective date.

If you are using the List View, you can click on the Add button, and define the Holiday Description and its effective date.
Q11: What is the default username and password to login the TCMS V3 software?
A: You can refer to the following information for your login credentials on TCMS V3 software
Username: admin
Password: 123

Q12: For security purposes, I want to change the default password of TCMS V3 software. How do I do that?
A12: You may change the default login password by going to the TCMSv3 icon > Change Password > Change password box will be prompted out - fill in the password details > Click Update once you finished changing the password 
Old Password: 123
New Password: Fill in your new preferred password [ to increase the security: use at least 8 characters with capital letters and numbers]
Confirm Password: Reconfirm the new password

Q13: Why does Click to sync all device info message keeps popping up in TCMS V3?

A: Once you have made any changes in TCMS V3 software (e.g: edit users’ details, change device settings such change IP address, etc.), TCMSv3 will prompt out this message to inform the user to update the changes into the device(s) to complete the whole process.

Once you make any changes [eg: add user’s password] > Click to sync all device info message prompted out > Click Start Synchronize > Choose which devices to be updated with recent changes > Click Start Synchronize to update the changes

Q14:  It is very time consuming to update the details for each user one by one [e.g.: issuance date]. How can I maximize my task in handling the users’ update details?
A14: You can update multiple users’ details by using the Batch Update User option. You can refer below for options offered in Batch Update User tab: You may select the users by department or individual users > Select the options that you want to update by batch > Click Save
Department – To change the department of a group of users.
Issuance date – To change users’ issue date as it will be reflected on the attendance sheet.
Expiry date – Setting the expiry date of a group of users. The transaction data will not appear in the attendance sheet after the expiry date.
Suspended – You can suspend a group of users and block them from accessing the device.
Group Duty Roster – To change the Group Duty Roster of a group of users.

Q15: Can I add an Access Control Device into TCMS V3?
A15: For your information, TCMS V3 is a time attendance software and it is designed for time attendance devices. It does not support door access features and can only be used for time attendance solution. Hence it is recommended for you to activate your door access device in Ingress software, which is bundled with your Access Control devices, so that you can fully utilize the door access features. 


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  3. I cannot upload employee photos into the terminals. Program error messages like 'acmddata.prg' does not exist; variable 'CPIX' is not found; 'object TOOLBAR' is not found; 'nesting error'....pls help

    1. Hi Bernard,

      Good day to you. Referring to your issue, kindly inform us, whether you are using TCMS v2 or TCMS v3. To ease our communication, please send an e-mail to support@fingertec.com, with a brief explanation, and the error screenshots so that we may understand your issue better, and advise you with the correct solution.

      Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    Do you have auto Integration option in TCMS V3. Ex: Biometric data from TCMS has to to integrated to our Payroll System ( like Oracle Database)

    Sai Krishna

    1. Hi Sai Krishna,

      By default, TCSMv3 Software can't pull any data directly from the software to the Oracle database or any third party software. You can only export the attendance in Attendance and import into your third party software. However, you may use our FTDP software to integrate with your third party Oracle database

      You can use the FTDP software to integrate with MSSQL & Oracle database.

      FTDP with Third Party System - http://www.fingertec.com/newsletter/July2013/as-01.html
      FTDP with MSSQL database - http://www.fingertectips.com/2014/03/linking-up-ftdp-access-database-and.html
      FTDP with Oracle database - http://www.fingertectips.com/2013/10/using-ftdp-with-oracle-database.html

      FTDP setup file - http://cache.fingertec.com/download/FingerTecDataProcessorSetup.zip
      FTDP manual - http://www.fingertec.com/customer/download/postsales/SUM-FTDP.pdf

  5. Hi Husna,

    DO you have any option to auto Porting of biometirc data from FTDP to Oracle DataBase.

    Sai krishna

    1. Hi Sai Krisna,

      For your info, FTDP software will works as a bridge directly between the device itself and your third party software [Oracle database]. You may refer below for the simple FTDP table description:

      LID - table unique ID
      UserID - user id in clock
      TemID - terminal id in table terminal
      DateTime - date & time of the log
      InOut - check-in (0) or check-out (1) value of the log
      Workcode - work code of the log
      VerMode - verification mode (0-fp, 1-password)
      USERS ID - table unique ID
      UserID - user id in clock
      UserName - user name in clock
      Password - password in clock
      Privilege - privilege value in clock (refer to privilege table)
      CardNo - user's card number in clock
      Name - user full name
      VerType - user verification type in clock
      Valid - Is user valid (enable/disable) in clock
      RegDate - the date of user downlaoded from clock
      TplCount - user template count in clock
      TZGID - user time zone group ID (refer to table TZG)
      Slct - is selected (for check/uncheck user on the screen)
      FaceCount - user face template count (0/1)
      TEMPLATE ID - table unique ID
      UserID - user id in clock
      Index - template index number
      Tpl - template data
      EnDate - enrollment date (reserve value)
      TplType - template type, fingerprint algo 9 or 10


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi Husna,

    We have did FTDP connected to our 3rd Party Payroll system.

    Now how to link FTDP to TCMS V3.

    FTDP dont have the auto generation of the data. so how can we integrate auto generated data from TCMS V3 to 3rd party software.

    Sai Krishna

    1. Hi Sai Krishna,

      Kindly be informed that the FTDP cannot be link with our new TCMSv3 software. In this case, you can connect the terminal with both FTDP and TCMSv3 software where you can directly download the transaction log from the terminal itself. However please take note, make sure you do not remove or delete the transaction log inside the terminal before you finish transferring all the data to both software.

      Regarding the integration between TCMSv3 and 3rd party software, you only can export the Attendance record from TCMSv3 to excel or text format before you can import all the data to the 3rd party software. For details info, you can refer to TCMSv3 manual page 66.



  8. Hi Sharul,

    Do you have any local technical team present in UAE to get more technical information. we are planing to make end to end Auto Schedule for Auto downloading, AUto Generating, AUto Porting to 3rd party system.

    Sai krishna

    1. Hi Sai Krishna,

      You may contact our authorised reseller in UAE for any technical support. You may refer the details below for your perusal:

      United Arab Emirates | Seven Seas Computers
      72B Umm Hureir Road, Off Za abeel Road, Post Office Box 8469 - Dubai United Arab Emirates

      Tel: +971 4 3083618 / +971 4 3083671
      Fax: +971 4 3366727
      Email: mdamania@magnumconnect.com

      United Arab Emirates | IPtec General Trading LLC
      IPtec General Trading LLC
      Shop 28, Gargash Center,
      P.O.Box 15448,
      Dubai, UAE

      Tel: +971 4223 4446

      For further details, you may refer at http://www.fingertec.com/worldmap/worldmap.html [refer for UAE]

  9. Hi...
    I have problme..
    I'm using TCMS v2..
    I cannot access my device’s menu.. its enter me directly to monitor devices menu without showing me the ordinary option list...
    All that happened after my employer changed the program password..
    Plz help me how to fix it

    1. Hi Dr Ammar

      Good day to you

      Regarding your issue, currently you accessed the TCMSv2 software using the user account. Pleas provide us the 5 digit number at the small windows password so that I can help you to access the system as admin account. Appreciate your feedback.

  10. i install TCMS v3 on Windows 7 32bit on vmware workstation to test it

    its work fine at first time .

    but later , i received massaged said" Sql connection error .Cannot connect to databas server please check TCMSV3 Server connection

    i check the log file in the installation directory and found many log file with same error
    "ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot open database '(unknown)'. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.
    ERROR [IM006] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed
    ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot open database '(unknown)'. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.
    select * from system_user_roles_group;

    i tried uninstall and reinstall but the same issue ?

    1. Delete the database file in your fingertec V3 installation folder and try to run again.

  11. Im using ta500.is there any setting let say,on 1625Hours the device auto to check out instead of manually pushing the down key?

    1. Hi Satan,

      Good day to you.

      With regards to your query, you can set that option from TA500 device.
      Go to the device menu(press and hold M button) > System > Auto Switch. After that you can set it there. Make sure to change it state to "ON" to make the function take effect.

  12. مرحبا
    لذي استفسار في على البرنامج الجديد TCMS V3
    في عملية ادخال اجازة الموظف طويلة الاجل على سبيل المثال
    من 2017/01/07 الى 2017/02/10 لم اجد ايقونة تمديد الاجازة او ادخال الاجازة التي كانت في الطراز السابق TCMS V2

    1. Hi Mr Abdul,

      Good day to you,

      In regards to your inquiry, firstly you need to create the leave type , then you may proceed to assign the leave taken for each user in the User Duty Planner.

      To create the leave type:

      Go Schedule & Attendance Tab > Leave Type > Click Edit > Add [ex: Annual Leave ] > Ok

      To assign leave:

      - Go to Schedule & Attendance Tab > User Duty Planner > select the user > Click Edit > Right Click on the date [ex: 1/1/2017] > select Leave Type > choose the Leave Type and the date range > Click Ok [refer http://prntscr.com/e4rgyl ]

  13. Hi... its me again...im having trouble with shift worker
    1.shift 1=0700 to 1400
    2.shift 2=1400 to 2100
    3.shift 3=2100 to 0700 (next day)

    The catch is,the person in shift 1 will be working on shift 3 too.

    How am i going to set this so that shift3 thumbprint didnt override the shift1?

    1. Hi Sir,

      Good day to you.

      Referring to your problem, you can use Multiple Shift configuration from this link:


      Please be informed that the above sample configuration is done on TCMS v2 software. The configuration will be similar in other software including TCMS v3, although with slight difference in the interface. If you have any further query regarding this, please revert back to us with the software you are referring to for us to provide assistance accordingly.

  14. Its me again.... thank you for the last answer. Im getting there still 1 more unsolved problem. As my previous question, the 3rd shift is from 2100 until 0700 tommorow morning. Even though they thumb out on 0700 the next day, i cant seems to show it in the attendance sheet and electronic time card. Is there something need to be set?

    1. Hi Sir,

      Good day to you,

      Regarding your issue, please go to the clocking schedule for the night shift, kindly configure the clocking range in the Out column [refer http://prntscr.com/edi3as]. Once done, go to Attendance Sheet, please generate the attendance for all user from 1/1/2017 until 28/2/2017.

  15. Thankk you... but i dont see the check in time there. Is it I need a seperate clocking schedule or just set the check in time there?

    1. Hi Sir,

      Good day to you.

      Regarding on your problem. Kindly provide more details and some screenshot and send to support@fingertec.com

      Please kindly provide us the name of your reseller or the serial number of the terminal in order for us to get your local reseller to assist you at the soonest.


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