Replacing the Latest Clocking Option Under the Range Tab

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 FingerTec 2 Comments

When you click this checker, the TCMS V2 software will replace the transaction data at the Attendance Sheet with the latest downloaded data.

For example, a company’s starting work hour is 09:00. The employee comes in to work at 08:30 and verified his fingerprint at the door to enter the premises. The software will use the transaction data 08:30 as the IN time. Even if the employee comes in and out of the door, the software will still use the transaction data 08:30 as the IN time. If you tick the Replace with latest clocking checkbox at the IN column, the Attendance Sheet will display the latest transaction data every time the employee comes in and out of the door.

Therefore It is recommended that you select this checker for OUT and DONE columns only because the TCMS V2 will always check the latest OUT time of the users and will publish it on the Attendance Sheet.

Contributed by Faiz
Edited by Vincent


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