TCMSv3 Release Note v2.2.2.6

For this month, FingerTec has released TCMSv3 v2.2.2.6 which adds 25 new features and 5 bugs fixes to enhance the user experience when using TCMSv3 Software.

1.  Added User Scheduler for Upload or Delete User in later time in User Module

2. Enhanced software info in software footer

3. Added Database Cleaning which will remove unused logs after certain time

4. Enhanced Attendance Sheet Other Clocking Time selection by display device info for
each transaction

5. Enabled system to perform checking Employee ID is unique in System Settings

6. Added Activity in System Settings Module
i)  Added email notification when service event occur error
ii) Added email notification settings in Activity which can configure interval to
send notification
iii) Added Activity Log which let users view the service's activities

7. Added highlight (Red Border) for today in Roster, User Duty Planner and Holiday Listing

8. Added one more category "Undisclosed" in User Gender

9. Added "Clear All Attendance Photo" in Device and Batch Device Operation

10. Added "Other" selection in Add Device enabled add ZKTeco device into TCMSv3  (chargeable)

11. Revamp Search User in User Module
      i)  Added new search option which Either (based on either one search keyword) or
      Mandatory (must fulfill all search keywords)
      ii)  Added new filter option by User Status

12. Enhanced Attendance Sheet by allowed right click on clocking time to Show Attendance

13. Added copy schedule time for other workday in Weekly Schedule & Flexi Schedule

14. Enhanced import transaction log from USB file by provide option to add new device into system

15. Added Group Duty Roster selection when Generate Attendance Records

16. Modified designation field to drop-down list and showed previous available designations

17. Added Total Working Hour option in Attendance Sheet report

18. Added grouping of report name in Report Schedule

19. Supported zip feature for MDB database
      i)  Reduced the size of MDB database backup file by zip the file
      ii) Added zip file can be select for restore in MDB

20. Added Time Zone in Company Info at System Settings

21. System will perform checking Email required unique in Users Module

22. Added PIN1 or PIN2 selection when Read User from USB which device type is Black & White

23. Added Select New User only when Download User from Device

24. Added search option in Remove User from Device

25. Added Total Work in Detailed Employee Time Card Report

Bug Fixed:
1. Fixed no data exported when export details attendance with certain field in Attendance Sheet
2. Fixed incorrect Total Leave Hour when exporting Attendance Sheet Summary for HH.HH format
in Export Summary
3. Fixed unable to recognized apostrophe (‘) symbol under Department column when import user
from file
4. Fixed for Report Scheduler
     i) Failed to display report in right to left format when report generated in Right-To-Left language
    ii) Failed display only users that filter by department selection
 5.  Fixed Report Device User Listing progress bar stuck at 90 percent if no report is generated


TA500 New Platform (FLM 60)

FingerTec recently introduced the new TA500 time attendance device which improves while adding new features and functionalities to serve users.

New Features
1. User role selection
This option allows users to customize users’ privileges. It offers 3 roles - Admin, Enroller, and a customized role. The user must enroll at least one Super Admin to enable this role. For a newly enrolled user, he/she will automatically be assigned as a Normal User.

 2. DNS
DNS function is the new addition in the Communication menu. For network connection which is not using DNS function, may just leave it in the default value as

3. PC Connection
PC Connection contains a configuration for Comm Key and Device ID. Compared to the previous version, TA500, the Comm Key setting is previously located in Comm. Menu and the Device id setting is in the Pendrive menu.

4. Attendance Menu
New features 
a. Duplicate Punch Period(m) (Menu > System > Attendance > Duplicate Punch Period(m))
Set for Duplication Punch Period (minutes) if you want to avoid duplicate verification within a certain time limit. For example, if you set the duplicate punch period for 1 minute, the system will only take the first verification and will automatically exclude any other verification (for the same user) done within the 1-minute timeframe. This feature can be disabled by selecting None or can be set up to 999999 minutes.

b. Attendance Log Alert (Menu > System > Attendance > Attendance Log alert)
Full log alert will appear on screen once the verification disk space is full. This function can be disabled or can be manually set up inserting 9999 on the logs. If you set 80 logs, the alert will appear when there are only 80 logs left free in the device.

c. Cyclic Delete ATT Data (Menu > System > Attendance > Cyclic Delete ATT Data)
Self-maintain Function to delete the oldest data. For example, if you select 100 in the device. The device will automatically delete the 100 oldest logs when the log count strikes 79900.

5. Personalize
a. Lock Power Key (Menu > Personalize > User Interface > Lock Power Key = ON/OFF)
To enable/ disable the user from turning off the device using the power key.

b. Bell Schedules (Menu > Personalize > Bell Schedules)
With the latest version TA500, you can set up to 63 sets of bell schedules. The default setting comes with internal and external Bell.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

Update User Information for TimeTec

All user information is important for both the user and the company for references use. Especially, when it comes to determining users’ privileges as employees to the company. This includes preferences, personally identifiable information such as name, mailing address, email, and more.

By default, only Admins are allowed to edit user's information in TimeTec solutions. However, there is an option available in the TimeTec Profile settings that allow users to edit their personal information. The steps are as below:

At Master Account
Enable User Edit Profile in Profile Management TimeTec Profile.
A. Login into TimeTec Profile
1. Go to Company > System Setting

2. Go to Profile Management and enable “USER EDIT PROFILE”

3. Go to TimeTec Profile > Profile Field > Edit

4. Set privileges for selected users to allow them to edit their user information.

At User Account
A. Login into TimeTec Profile

1.  Login into TimeTec Profile using your registered TimeTec account login email and password

2. Click on “Edit” to edit User Information. e.g, Alias, Date of Birth, Race, etc.

3. User can also update his own profile picture, depending on the company settings. To update User Profile Picture, click on the icon as marked below.

4. Choose the file and click on “Open” > the user profile photo will be uploaded.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

Sync the Workcode in TimeTec TA and FingerTec Device

The attendance system is implemented in a company for a reason. At the most basic level, the system must be able to notify the management about the level of staff compliance with the company’s attendance rules and policy.

Identify your user’s attendance discrepancies with remark and Work Code feature in TimeTec. HR or Admin may preset the Work Code in TimeTec TA and upload all the Work Code into the FingerTec devices. The Work Code must be set from code 11 because code 1-10 is used for Attendance clocking status, for example, the reason for tardiness is marked with remark 11, going to the clinic marked with code 22 or meeting client outside marked with code 13.

1. Go to Company > Remark / Work Code

2. Add the Work Code by clicking the ‘Add’ button. Insert the remark, Work Code and update. You can also group the work codes and create multi-layer codes using the drag and drop method.

3. Once the Work Code has been created, go to Device > FingerTec Terminal

4. Select the device you wish to upload the work code > Manage > Manage Work Code

5. Select the Work Code and click submit

6. The system will upload the data to the devices. You may check the status under Terminal Command Queue. Go to Support > Terminal Command Queue.

7. Once the status is updated, you may use the Work Code on the FingerTec Device.

8. The work code has been uploaded into TA100C device. On the main display, Press ‘ESC’ button to view and use the work code. Press ‘M/OK’ to use the Work Code

9. After the Work Code has been selected, the user needs to scan his fingerprint to verify.

10. Once it is verified, you may find the message prompted as per the below screen.

11. The selected Work Code will be recorded in the attendance report. Below is the example of an Electronic Time Card with a recorded Work Code.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.