Shift Data From TCMS V2 to TimeTec TA Easily Via Migration Wizard


TImeTec TA and TCMS V2 software are two difference application with the nearly similar functions where you can centralize, store and manage all transactions data. Both applications enable you to download and process attendance records to help organizations better manage their dynamic workforce.

Here we will discuss and explain about Migration and Rollback Wizard that available is in TimeTec TA application. In computing term, Migration is the process of transferring data between one operating environment to another operating environment. In the meantime Rollback is the process of restoring a database or program to a previously defined state, typically to recover from an error. In simpler term, to Undo.

This feature provides a simple backup and restoration process for users who are sceptical about moving to a new software without experiencing data lost, where there can use both TimeTec and TCMS software as an easy one-way to store employee data. In this wizard it will ease the admin’s job and give them the flexibility to either keep the existing data such as Company information and hierarchy, User or employee data, Devices, Schedules & Rosters, Leaves and Holidays between this two application (TimeTec TA and TCMS V2).

Migration from TCMS V2 to TimeTec TA
1) It’s important that you backup the database file from TCMS V2 software by going to System Setting > Backup/Restore database > select Backup command to migrate to TimeTec > Apply.
2) Copy the file and save in one folder for easy tracking.
3) Login to your TimeTec TA account and go to Support > Wizard > select Migration.

4) Inside the Migration wizard, click on Browser, select the TCMSv2 backup file, then press Upload.

5) Select the employees to migrate into TimeTec TA (You can ignore those who are suspended or have resigned.) > Click Import Selected. System will process and a successful message will appear once completed. 
6) Now you can see all the Company Info, User data, Schedule, Roster and other info that have been updated into your TimeTec account.  
7) For details step, you can also refer to the following link

TimeTec TA is a better choice for your time attendance needs because it is on cloud, it’s effective, accessible, scalable and affordable. Find out more at

Replacing R2i with H2i to Solve Fingerprint Incompatibility Problem in FingerTec R2 version 565

Previously FingerTec R2 was paired with the slave device R2i.  Due to major improvements carried out on the slave, R2c was introduced as a replacement to R2i. However, with the improvements, the new R2c can only support R2 with Biobridge VX10.0 algorithm and incompatible to R2 version 565 with Biobridge VX9.0 algorithm. The differences in algorithm versions disallow transfer of fingerprint templates between the previous R2 and the latest R2. And to use the new R2, users need to reenroll all user fingerprint templates again, a very impractical solution for organizations that have a large number of employees. As an alternative solution, we suggest the pairing of the old R2 unit (565) with H2i unit to work as master-slave in-out readers. This combination can be configured to work with Biobridge VX9.0 algorithm smoothly.

By choosing this method, you can skip the reenrollment of users’ fingerprint templates and use the existing fingerprint templates (BioBridge VX9.0) from the old device to be transferred into the new units.

To set up this R2-H2i combination, you need to connect these 2 terminals according to the connection diagram below.

Terminal configurations: 

AT R2 (565) MASTER

Change BioBridge Algorithm Version from Vx10 to Vx9.0
Press Menu > Option > System Option > Adv Option > Alg Ver > 9.0 > Ok > Esc & Save

Setting For Wiegand Input For R2.
Press Menu > Option > System Option > Wiegand > Input setting > FP device > Input format = WG26 with ID > Esc > Input = User > Esc & Save


Download the FingerTec Terminal Function Tools at

Change AdapTec Plus to Off
Start up the FingerTec Terminal Function Tool and connect to the H2i terminal and change the AdapTec Plus to OFF at Access Control menu.

Change BioBridge Algorithm Version to Vx 9.0
Start up the FingerTec Terminal Function Tool and connect to the H2i terminal and change the BioBridge Algorithm to Vx 9.0 at General Menu.

And now you’re done. By pairing old R2 565 version with the latest H2i, it could save you tonnes of time enrolling the new templates for all users. If you found yourself stumbled upon this predicament, give this suggestion a serious consideration. Contact us at for further information.

Learn to Activate OFIS TA Scanner in Ingress and TCMS V3 for Fingerprint Registration via PC and more.

Integration of OFIS TA with FingerTec's latest software solutions, Ingress and TCMS V3, provides a highly secured, yet simple and affordable solution for fingerprint enrollment as well as for user verification. With OFIS scanners, users can perform template registrations from an enrolment station PC for attendance verification purposes or for fingerprint template transference to other remote FingerTec biometric devices .  

OFIS TA integration to Ingress and TCMS V3 software offers a precise template enrolment, in addition to its fast verification execution. The OFIS TA scanners are capable of handling both 1:1 (verification where your stored fingerprint template is called first to match with the live fingerprint template) and 1:N verification (verification where the device searches for the  fingerprint template that matches the live fingerprint template) methods. The integration of OFIS scanners are facilitated with real-time monitoring feature upon every single user verification and it allows an unlimited number of enrolments and verifications based on the PC's capacity.

A: OFIS Scanner Drivers Installation
1) Close all the FingerTec Programs and Unplug the OFIS Scanner from the PC.
2) Uninstall all the existing OFIS scanner drivers from Control Panel> Programs and Features

3) Restart the PC and Login to your PC with Administrator account.

4) Download and install the OFIS Scanner latest drivers from the following links at:
The installation process has to be completed by following the steps accordingly
Note: No modification is required in the installation steps

5) When the installations of both driver files are completed, restart the PC.

6) Plug in the OFIS scanner until you hear a short “Beep” sound from the scanner, as a sign of successful activation. Download the OFIS Test tool from the following link at:

7) To test the scanner function with your PC, run the OFIS Test tool >  Press connect to receive the “Connected to OFIS Scanner” then touch the scanner sensor to receive the “Image Received” plus “GetTemplate Succeeded!” Message on the tool:

Note: For OFIS scanner installation of drivers in Windows 8 and 8.1, refer and complete the steps in the links below before proceeding to the steps 1-7 above.

B: How to Obtain Your OFIS TA Product Key for Activation in Ingress and TCMS V3
1) Once the scanner drivers are successfully installed, download the OFIS scanner SerialNO tool from the following link:

2) Run the downloaded SerialNO tool, and press click to retrieve the OFIS scanner serial number.

3) Forward the serial number to to claim the Serial Number and Product Key for Activation of OFIS TA in Ingress or TCMS V3 software. 

C: Ingress and TCMS V3 Activation Process
1) Run Ingress and TCMS V3 software, go to the devices tab > Add device > Enter the following information> Press Add. 
Device Type: OFIS TA
Device Name: Enter your preferred name (e.g. Scanner_TEST)
Serial Number: Enter the serial number retrieved from FingerTec
Product Key: Enter the Product Key forwarded retrieved from FingerTec 

2) To register user fingerprint templates with OFIS scanner, go to Users tab > Select the user > Fingerprint > Registration > Select the verification finger > Select the correct Fingerprint Algorithm (Vx 9.0 or Vx 10.0) > Press the finger 3 times > Then Press OK to save.  

3) Go to Monitoring Tab> Click On OFIS TA> Press the Finger on the scanner for the verification.

4) Once the verification is successful, User photo, User ID, Name, and time of the transaction will be displayed, and saved in the data audit list of the software. 

Forget to Clock your Time? Deal with it the Correct Way in TimeTec TA

Attendance system is implemented in a company for a reason. At the most basic level, the system must be able to let the management know the level of staff compliance with the company’s attendance rules and policy. By having genuine clocking data at all times, the  management can view tardiness, absences or  any discrepancies in attendance clocking activities, and these data will be calculated to determine on payroll and disciplinary actions for a certain payroll cycle. When employees are not able to meet company’s attendance expectations on certain dates, he/she must request to change the schedule and the approval must be obtained from the superior in advance. Employees can request the company to correct their missing clocking activities in TimeTec TA with valid reasons.

This feature provides satisfaction to both parties, the company and the employee. Mismatch data can cause disappointment that can cause low morale in the workplace. By having a medium to correct those data with both parties consent, TimeTec TA would be a favorable system for handling workforce management

1) Login to your own personal TimeTec TA account
2) Go to Attendance tab > Click Request for Change

3) Select either you want to change request for Work Code or Missed Punch

Type: Work Code
Mail To: Select your Supervisor/Superior from the drop down box.
Affected date: The date of the missed or incorrect punches 
Clocking time: Select the clocking time that you wish to change the work code
Amended Work Code: Choose the correct work code
Don’t forget to provide a valid reason to the management.

Type: Missed Punch
Mail To: Select your Supervisor/Superior from the drop down box.
Select the date with the corresponding time for your miss punches. Select the work code for miss punches too. Make sure that you provide a valid reason for the management to approve the request

4) Once done, click the Submit button. Check your TimeTec TA account to see whether your request has been approved or otherwise. 

A Simple Tool to Upload User Photos into Devices That Runs on FEM Series Coreboards


The newest version of TCMS V2 and TCMS V3 are compiled with the latest Software Development Kit (SDK) to build an advance adaptation of TA100C and AC100, which are equipped with the new Core Board version known as FMM 100, replacing its older predecessor, FEM510. 

However, due to the situation that FEM510 and FMM100 models are running on different platforms, the new SDK used in these 2 software are not fully compatible with the older models that are running on FEM coreboards. Thus, uploading user photos into FEM model devices can no longer be done directly from TCMS V2 or TCMS V3.


Having photo identification during fingerprint verification will further enhance the validation process that the machine is capturing the correct user.
This tool allows the administrators to upload multiple user photos at the same time, without requiring any software assistance.


To upload user photos into FEM devices, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Be sure to have the device connected to a PC through TCP/IP connection. You can test the connection by pinging the device’s IP address, and connecting it to Device Info tool

Step 2:
Proceed to download the “FTUserPhoto” tool from here

Step 3:
Go to your PC’s Control Panel > Program and Features > Turn Windows feature on or off > Check the all the options under “.NET Framework 3.5(includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0” option.)

Step 4:
Prepare the user photo according to the specifications below:
- The resolution of the photo must be 320 x 210px, and the size must not be more than   
- File type must be in JPEG format (.jpg)
- Ensure to rename the user photos the same as the user IDs (for example user ID is 900, the photo must be renamed as 900.jpg)

Step 5:
Copy all user photos and paste them inside the “FTUserPhoto” folder (User photos must be in the same folder with the FTUserPhoto tool)

Step 6:
- Turn OFF your PC’s Wi-Fi, Windows Firewall and Antivirus  
- Run the FTUserPhoto tool as Administrator
- Insert device IP address and click the “Connect” button. (it will show the device information once connected)

Step 7:
- Tick User Photo (box 1)
- Then click the button (box 2) and Select user photos.

Step 8:
Click “Update”, and the tool will update the user photos into the device, and reboot the device once.

Step 9:
After successfully updating the photos, you will be able to see the photos accordingly during the verification process. Kindly refer to the pictures below;



TimeTec TA – Having Problem to Use Mobile Clocking with Your New Mobile Phone? Get to Know How to Reset Your Mobile ID


TimeTec Mobile is a real-time solution aimed to provide maximum convenience and flexibility, especially to industries having staff who are constantly on-the-move, enabling them to report their attendance wherever they are, check their attendance sheet record, and view their reports.

Each mobile phone has its own mobile ID. When a user first time login to TimeTec TA account using TimeTec mobile app, he will be asked to set his current mobile phone as his default mobile device. And by doing so, a unique mobile ID will be assigned to the mobile phone, and TimeTec TA will store this particular mobile ID. 

With that, the user can do mobile clocking through the mobile phone, and he will not be able to do so through other mobile phones. This feature was developed to avoid buddy punching occurences and TimeTec Mobile stores the location of the clocking activities in the data.

And it’s a known fact as well that people change their mobile phones quite regularly. Hence, when a user changes his mobile phone, the mobile ID must be reset, for him to get a new mobile ID for the new phone if he wants to use the phone for clocking.


By following these steps, the administrator will be able to clear the mobile ID of a user that wants to change to a new mobile phone.


All the Mobile IDs are stored in TimeTec TA, under Devices > Assign Users to Device module.

If the user is not allowed to share his mobile with other users, he can only login to TimeTec Mobile from his own mobile phone.

Since all users have their own user accounts with their own mobile ID, they need to inform the system administrator to clear the Mobile ID under their account, before they can clock using the new mobile phone.

To reset the Mobile ID, the administrator needs to follow these steps:

1) The System Admin needs to login to TimeTec TA through a web browser, admin account.

2) Click on Devices > Assign Users to Device.

3) Select the affected user ID > Click the Edit button > Remove the existing mobile ID.

4) Save the changes made.

5) Ask the user to login to TimeTec Mobile app again. Once done, a new mobile ID will be assigned to this user account.

TCMS V3 – Using USB Flash Disk For Data Transfer


FingerTec offers 3 ways of communication, which are TCP/IP, USB and Serial Port (RS485 or RS232). If a FingerTec terminal is installed remotely and away from any network (TCPIP), USB flash disk can be utilized to transfer users and transaction data from that terminal into TCMS V3 software. 


Using USB flask disks to transfer data back to TCMS V3 is simple and not costly. From the TCMS V3 software, you can use all the features offered, where you can download the data, store it into the software database, and manage the data to be displayed in attendance sheet and reports.


Below are the steps needed to transfer data from FingerTec terminals to USB Flash Disk back to TCMS V3. 

Adding FingerTec Terminals

Go to Devices > Add Device > Insert Device Name > Select USB under Communication Mode > Insert the terminal's Serial Num. and Device ID > Select Offline under Device Activation > Insert the Product Key > Click Add.

A window will pop up, informing that the changes have been made. Click OK to proceed.  

Read and Write Data in TCMS V3 via USB

Copying User from USB Flash Disk into TCMSV3

Step 1:

Plug the USB flash disk into the PC.

Step 2:

Go to Users > Click on Read User from USB. Select the USB flash disk location > Click From USB > Select the user.dat file and click Download.

Step 3:

A window will pop up, letting you know that the user templates and information have been successfully downloaded. Click OK to proceed. 

Step 4:

To view the user templates and information, simply go to the Users tab. 

Copying User from TCMS V3 into USB Flash Disk

Just like how users can be downloaded from a terminal into a USB flash disk, they can also be uploaded from TCMS V3 into a USB flash disk. The data can then be uploaded to your FingerTec terminals.

Step 1:

Plug the USB flash disk into the PC. Go to Users > Click on Export User to USB.
Check the boxes next to the users to be exported, or check the top box to export all users > Select the location of the USB flash disk > Select the verification type (Fingerprint, Face or Card) > Select the device type (Color Screen, Black & White Screen or Keylock) > Click Export. 

Step 2:

A window will pop up to let you know that the user templates and information have been successfully exported. Click OK to proceed. 

Step 3:

You will need to plug the USB flash disk into your FingerTec terminal to upload the data & information. Users can start using the terminal after the update is done. For guidance to upload the data using USB Flash Disk into your devices, you can refer to your device’s user manual.

Copying Transaction Logs into TCMS V3 from USB Flash Disk

Step 1:

Plug the USB flash disk into the PC. Go to Scheduling & Attendance > Click on Attendance Sheet > Import Transaction Log.

Step 2:

Select the location of the USB flash disk > Click From USB > Select the .DAT file > Select the relevant Date Range and User ID for the records you require > Click Download.

Step 4:

A window will pop up. Click OK to proceed.