Attendance Clocking Made Simple with Time Beacon

Scenarios and Recommendations 

Time Beacon is a small, inexpensive battery-powered device that taps on Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, a protocol that is embedded in most smartphones, tablets and other devices of today. The tiny transmitter in the Time Beacon allows users to clock their attendance easily just by using TimeTec TA App. A user just need to open the App, tap on the Beacon icon and he is good to go! All attendance record complete with location and time will be recorded on TimeTec TA immediately. 
Find out how Time Beacon could be suitable for your company. Here are a few scenarios for your reference: 

1. A Small Firm with less than 25 Staff
One (1) Time Beacon is sufficient for any office with a small group of staff around 25 people or less. The Time Beacon can be placed at the main door of the office or at the reception area where all staff can do their clocking from their smartphones.
Recommended no. of Time Beacon: 1 unit (minimum) 

2. SMEs around 50 staff 
Medium sized offices having around 50 staff are recommended to go for at least three (3) Time Beacons to manage the staff clocking. With more Time Beacons, the transmission range is expanded and you can create different Beacon Groups to channel users to separate beacons according to their departments for example. 
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 3 (minimum)

3. SMEs with 100 staff, double storey office building
Setting up TimeTec TA using Time Beacon for an office building with multiple storey very much depending on the location and the built-up area. If you have 3 small offices at 3 different levels, each unit should have at least one (1) Time Beacon installed. However, if the office has a wide space area, it is recommended to install 2 or 3 Time Beacons per level/office to cover the entire office area and group the staff so they know which Time Beacon is meant for them. 
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 6 (minimum)

4. Factory of approximately 300 workers
Factory workers have multiple shifts, and the production more often than not operates 24/7. To ensure daily attendance records are being recorded at all times, it is recommended to cover all entrances and exits so that workers know the location of the Time Beacon and they can access to it easily. The management can group users by department or working shift to smoothen the flow of the employee and not jamming a Time Beacon at a given time.
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 10 (minimum)

5. Office Tower of 1000 staff
Multinational companies having their own office tower can also use Time Beacon to ease their attendance clocking. Depending on the size of the office tower, it’s recommended to install at least 5 Time Beacons or more on every level. Install the Time Beacon at open areas such as lobby halls, entrances of the office and also inside offices to ease clocking process. 
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 50 (minimum)

As Time Beacon is an affordable BLE transmitter, place it at an open area to have smooth  transmission. Don’t block the Time Beacon because the transmission will not get through and will cause the app to keep trying. 

Get the step-by-step instructions on how to set Time Beacon with TimeTec TA here

TCMS v3 Software Update (v2.0.3.2)

For the first quarter of 2017, we have released the latest version of TCMS v3 (v2.0.3.2) that is packed with 14 extra new features. We have also fixed the errors that was found in the previous version of Ingress, as listed below:

New Features:

1. Configure Alternate Restdays in Group Duty Roster
You can now configure alternative restdays in Group Duty Roster where any days of the week can be selected as restdays and can be applied on all weeks of the month.
2. Revamp Import User From File on User Module
The layout of the Import User from File module has been improved where you can directly match more information from the USB File such as Email, Phone, Address, etc.

3. Revamp Database Backup Folder Selection UI
A newly-designed window will be prompted when selecting folder for database backup. This provides easier navigation on the folder path as compared to the previous Window.
4. FingerTec Webster Migration Feature
The latest version of TCMS v3 offers a new database migration option for Webster users. By logging in into Webster database server, users can migrate the database seamlessly into TCMS v3.
5. Import Attendance Photo from USB in Attendance Module
With this option added into Attendance Module, photos captured during verification can now be imported from USB file into the software.
6. Import Remark/Workcode on Attendance Module
New Remark or Workcode can be imported into TCMS v3 directly from the transactions downloaded into the Data Audit List.

7. Display Face Template Count on User Module
Other than fingerprint count, face template count is also available in the user overview in User Module.
8. Display remark field on User Module
User could do Remark for employee which can be found under Event Tab in the User Module.
9. Enhancement on Add New Schedule in Attendance Module
There is now a ‘wizard’ to configure the clocking schedule in Attendance Module. By clicking ‘More’ at the bottom left corner when adding a new schedule, users can directly construct a complete clocking schedule with the settings on clocking time, rounding, break, and overtime, just by answering a few questions to match your company’s attendance and clocking policy.
10. Enhancement on Print Multiple Weeks in Weekly Wages Report & Weekly Staff Duty Roster in Report Module
Weekly reports such as Weekly Wages Reports and Weekly Staff Duty Roster can now be printed in a new format where information is arranged in a more orderly manner.
11. Enhanced Export User info Fields at Export User in User Module 
The latest TCMS v3 provides more flexibility with more User Info fields to be selected and exported to file in User Module.
12. Add Current Report Option with Selected Options to Report Scheduler
This features offers a convenient way to set up report to be used in Report Scheduler. After selecting the desired report type and format, users can directly add it into the report list in Report Scheduler.
13. Persian language is available!
Persian or Farsi is a language predominantly used in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and some parts of Iraq. And now TCMS v3 is made available in Persian. If you want your language to be available in TCMS v3, let us know. Email at to request.
14. Configure System Settings without any Activated Terminal
Previously, you must have at least a device connected to TCMS v3 before you could configure System Settings. Not anymore! Now you can configure System Settings even without connecting any device to TCMS v3.
Fixed Errors:
15. Fixed Rounding in Clocking Schedule unable to save
16. Fixed Leave Type will not show when using Open Schedule
17. Fixed Sage UBS payroll not exported on Attendance Module
18. Fixed users not imported on User Module
19. Fixed wrong calculations of Work Hour when using HH.HH format on Report Module
20. Fixed attendance data not exported when not select User ID on Attendance Module
21. Fixed first and last rounding rules displaying incorrect results when generating attendance

Introducing 2-Factor Authentication

Introducing 2-Factor Authentication, an optional security feature that protects your account, in the event your password is compromised. For increased security, we recommend that you configure 2-factor authentication (2FA) to help protect your TimeTec accounts. 2FA adds extra security because it requires users to enter a unique authentication code from an approved authentication device. Striving to provide our users peace of mind, we work with renowned third party provider - Google Authenticator to enhance the security level of your TimeTec account. 

This 2-factor authentication feature definitely improves security because signing in will require 2 things - a code generated by the Google Authenticator mobile app in addition to your account password.

To enable this feature, go to System Settings, select 2-Factor Authentication option with:
a. ON (Compulsory) if you wish to apply to all users, or 
b. ON (Selected users) if you wish to only apply to certain users

Once you selected option (a), all users will receive an email automatically to guide them on how to setup the 2-Factor Authentication.

If you only want this feature to be applied to certain users, select option (b) and go to Manage User, choose users by checking the checkbox, and select Enable 2-Factor Authentication from Manage pulldown. 

Click Yes, to confirm assignment of selected user(s) for 2-Factor Authentication.

Once users are assigned to 2-Factor Authentication, they will receive an email to guide them with the Setup process. 

Click Login and Setup from the email, login with your credentials as usual and the system will direct you to the setup. Follow the steps from the setup and you are good to go. You may choose to turn off the 2-Factor Authentication if your company no longer require it’s use.


Clock In Automatically with Beacon using TimeTec TA App

Starting December 2016, Time Beacon has been added as an attendance clocking option in TimeTec TA along with biometrics/card through FingerTec terminals, web clocking and mobile clocking. This article demonstrates the convenience of Time Beacon clocking in TimeTec TA Mobile App.

If you are still new to Time Beacon, you may refer to the following links to get familiar with this small gadget with amazing capability:

Fun Fact:
How to Enroll Beacon in TimeTec TA:

Now with the latest release of TimeTec Mobile version 4.6.2, you can now clock in without having to choose the checkpoint from the Beacon List. The system can now detect the nearest Beacon and accept the clocking automatically.

1. Login to your TimeTec Mobile App

2. Go to Menu > Clocking

3. Here you can choose the method of clock in: Location Tracking, Beacon, and NFC (for Android phones only).  Click on the Beacon sign and the system will detect the nearest Beacon available and accept the clocking automatically. Generally, the working distance for Beacon is approximately 10m.

If there is no Beacon nearby, a message will be shown as below:

Automatically Download & Generate Attendance Record in Ingress and TCMS V3

Ingress and TCMS V3 are FingerTec’s complementary software serving different purposes. Ingress software are generally used with access control devices like R2, Kadex and Q2i and TCMS V3 is for time attendance readers such as TA100C, AC100C and TA500. For detailed comparison between these software, refer to

In Ingress and TCMS V3, there is an option to automatically download the transactions from the terminals and generate the attendance record straight in the software. This article will discuss and elaborate about this settings and on how to configure Ingress and TCMS V3 with auto download transaction.

To view the transaction data, the process is to download the transaction data from the terminal into the software and generate its attendance data, in-out records and reports. It can be done manually or automatically via TCP/IP connection or by using USB flash disk if there is no network connection available.
With the automatic download interval function, you can configure the software to download the transaction automatically. You can determine the preferred time and the time interval for the downloads. With this option, you can view your daily report directly in Report option or send the report using Report Scheduler without having to wait for the download process to complete and generate the transaction log manually.

You can find this option on both Ingress and TCMS V3 at System Settings > System Parameter Settings > Attendance tab.

In Ingress:

Basically, there are 3 main options you can set to use this function:
1. Server Download Transaction Log Interval:
Set the time interval to download transaction logs from devices automatically. The administrator can set the download process duration to repeat; for example every 10 minutes during the peak time. To disable this option, you need to set it to 00:00.

2. Specify daily download timer for system to activate the automatic download process every day: 
Set up to a maximum of 2 daily timers to run auto-download transaction logs from the devices. An example, if you set the time of download at 10:30 and 16:00, the software will perform the download process at exactly 10:30am and 4:00pm every day.

3. Server Generate Audit Data Interval: 
Set the time interval for TCMS V3 and Ingress  to generate the raw data to be updated into Attendance Sheet accordingly.

If you wish to delete the data after the download process, there is an option to do just that.

Also, when you activate the ‘Perform daily download when PC is powered on’ option, the transaction data in the terminal will download accordingly through the automatic download interval time as long as the computer is powered on. In other words, even if the TCMS V3 or Ingress is not running, the transaction data will still be downloaded into the database.

Suspend Users Feature Simplifies User Management

Ingress and TCMS V3 offer an option to suspend users who are no longer valid in a system due to termination, suspension or resignation.

This feature is another option for administrators to manage users in FingerTec device via Ingress or TCMS V3, where you can control user access through the software. Once the user is suspended, access for that user will permanently be barred until the active status reinstated.

1) Open your Ingress/TCMS V3 software > go to User tab

2) Double click on the user that you want to suspend > Tick “Suspended” > Click Save

 3) Once the changes sync, the suspension will take effect immediately and FingerTec device(s) will deny the user’s access. When the suspended user performs verification at the device, a message “user disabled” will be displayed.
4) If you wished to remove the user from the suspended list, untick the ‘Suspended’ option and follow steps 1 – 3.

Field Customization Management to Add User Details

In TCMS V3, we have provided a set of default fields for general user information under User Tab. But your company might want to add certain information that is not readily available in the software. We have just the solution you need.
With Field Customization Management, you can add more user fields in TCMS V3.


This feature offers flexibility to create your own data.

1) Go to System Settings > Field Customization Field > Edit > Add

2) A pop-up will appear. Insert the item name, choose the item type and fill up the details accordingly.
There are 4 Item Types available:

a)  Text Box
Users can key in the data input inside the box. For example: Age, Height and Weight.

b)  Combo Box
You can create a list of selection where users can choose one from the drop-down list. For example, Blood type (A,B,AB,O) and Gender (Male , Female).

c) Check Box
You can add options and let users to select accordingly, for example marital status, language proficiency and etc.

d) DateComboBox
You can select a date from a drop-down calendar.

3) Click Save, the field(s) will be created under Other Tab in Users Module.