Ingress Release Note (v3.1.3.6)

In this release Ingress v3.1.3.6, there are 23 new features and enhancements, and also 9 bugs fixed.

1. Added new language – Serbian.

2. Added 2 new operations in Batch Device Operation, under Device Module; Reset Normal Open
Timezone and Reset Auxiliary. Note that these 2 operations are applicable for Ingressus controller
only. These functions will ease the process of resetting multiple Ingressus after a Fire Alarm is

3. Added a new field in Export User, "Access Group".

4. Added a new option to allow User ID to be edited in the System Settings. By default, the
setting will not allow the User ID to be edited. Tick at the option to make it editable.

5. Added a new verification type option in Verify Type for specific day verification, namely
Face/Password & Card.

6. Ingress can support up to a maximum of 24 holidays in a year. In this new version, we have
added an indicator to show the balance (number of holidays) that can be added in the system
for user’s reference.

7. In the previous version, user can only select users in the Export Audit Data. However, in this
latest version, we have added a new section in the Export Audit Data, namely Device ID.
Through this option, user can now choose whether to export audit data by selecting certain
users or devices.

8. New payroll options added in Export Scheduler where the users can select the payroll option
and set the schedule to export data.

9. New History tab in Export Scheduler. Click at the History tab to view all the scheduled reports
and its details.

10. Added export interval of "5 minutes" and "15 minutes" in the selection for Data Audit List
Type II in Export Scheduler.

11. Included "Card No." field in the Userlist template for Export Attendance Sheet configuration.

12. We also have added an option to export Sage UBS according to pay type: Hourly or Salary.

13. Added an alert message notification when user tick Work/OT Total option when generating
Electronic Time Card report.

14. Include a new Baudrate option "19200" for RS485 Settings in Devices module.

15. Added a new option to include break hour in Schedule Setting on Attendance Module.
(Please refer to No. 19 for more information)

16. Allow user to open the folder where the database was backed up, after the backup process
is done.

17. Display the total number of Users/Departments in Export Scheduler.

18. Display the total number of Users/Departments in Report Scheduler.

19. Enhanced Auto Add Break rule: Deduct lunch/dinner time if employee does not punch
during lunch/dinner. Previously, if a user does not clock for lunch/dinner, the time will be
added to his/her work time. With this new option, the user can now choose to deduct lunch/dinner
time even if there’s no clocking at Break Out & Resume In column.

20. Enhanced Job List Attendance Sheet clocking data information to include the device info.

21. Enhanced Device User Listing report to display the face template count.

22. Enhanced to recall saved users according to customized template within Export Sage UBS.

23. Display Group No. for each access group in Access Level module.

1.Fixed no absent value for Leave Type on Workday when exporting Attendance Details.
2.Fixed batch update large number of users to multiple devices.
3.Fixed Job Cost Analysis Report to display all clocking records within 1 minutes with difference
in seconds.
4.Fixed Correction report to display the original data when "Original Clocking" option is selected.
5.Fixed the problem to add email address containing " - " in Company Info.
6.Fixed the problem to import User from USB file to software.
7.Fixed TA500 hang issue while downloading users info from the terminal.
8.Fixed the problem to Export User data to USB file for TA500.
9.Fixed the problem where system didn’t capture the edited record in Job List option.

Get Live Updates of Patrolling Activities through Live Monitoring Feature in TimeTec Patrol

Often times, supervisor in charge have trouble in keeping track of the patrolling activities that’s been carried out daily. With TimeTec Patrol, supervisor can now keep track of the patrolling activities by checking on the patrolling records and get live updates through Live Monitoring feature.  
To use TimeTec Patrol, make sure you have done the steps below:
i. Set up your TimeTec Patrol account - Use the system Wizard or refer here for more information.
ii. Add Patrol Device – Download TimeTec Patrol app, retrieve mobile ID, add the patrol device and assign supervisor/guard.
iii. Add NFC tags or Beacons - Install and registered the NFC tags and beacons as checkpoints. Please refer here for the steps.
iv. Add and assign Guards in the system.
v. Brief guard on using offline mode if they will be patrolling at areas with no Internet connectivity
Once the steps above are ticked off your list, you are ready to move on to the Live Monitoring module, where you can track all patrolling guards’ activities and records.

Live Monitoring Features
When any patrolling route starts, supervisors in charge of monitoring can navigate to this page on their TimeTec Patrol account to get instant access to all tour information and oversee the entire security operations. Here’s how to use the features:
1. Go to Records > Monitoring. Select the appropriate patrol location (Master Admin is able to view all patrol locations while other admins might have partial authorisation to only view their assigned location).

2. At the right corner, there is a quick link button to switch to ‘Dashboard’ view and vice versa - View today’s Patrol Schedule, work rate for the last 7 days.

3. Back at Monitoring, admin can choose to view Map or Floor Plan. The Floor plan will show all your checkpoints and if guards have already started patrolling, the colour of the checkpoints will change to indicate whether the guards are on time, late or yet to scan the checkpoint.

4. Scroll down to view the Event Report. These are events that can be reported by guards at any time, including during patrol tour. The list can include Incidents and SOS Alert. Click to view any photo that is submitted for an event.

a) Incidents
During patrol rounds or other times, there are certain incidents that can be reported by guards and to notify assigned recipients. However, the incident list must first be created by Admin at Routes > Incidents & Notifications > Incidents List.


b) SOS Alert - Panic button can be triggered by guard via mobile app and alerts will be sent to the intended recipients for further action.

5. Scroll down further to view the Live Feed. This displays the start and end of tour, check in at each checkpoint.

a) The information is updated from mobile app immediately after the guard starts/ends tour or scans checkpoints, provided that internet connection is available at that time.
b) To view recent records beyond the latest entries displayed in Live Feed, go to Records > Data Audit List.

c) When guards scan at each checkpoint, based on the Admin’s configuration, they may be required to perform an action such as ‘Check and report incident’. The details for any Incident Reported will then be shown in a separate column within Live Feed. Refer to below for example:

6. Finally, the bottom section of Monitoring shows the On Duty Security Guards. This section shows list of guards that are scheduled for duty at the current time, e.g. at 4pm. In the image below, at the moment captured (4pm), there were 2 guards on duty.
a) Job Order - Click job order to send instructions for additional/ad hoc tasks to guards on duty.

b) Send Job Order

c) Job Order display in app

7. The next tab is Patrol Records - View summary and/or details of the selected patrol rounds.
a) You can filter the Location and also Date

b) Generate Patrol Records
If you have retrieved Patrol Records and subsequently change some settings, for example the schedule or the routes assigned, you can use Generate function to recalculate or obtain adjusted records by choosing the date range for which the new settings has to be applied.

Export Scheduler for Attendance and Transaction data in Attendance Module

We have recently introduced a new feature within Ingress and TCMS V3 software, where you can export the Attendance and Transaction data automatically by date or time into the dedicated folder path under Attendance Module.

By using this feature, you can export the transaction logs automatically for payroll calculations. At the same time, you can configure this feature with other options like Auto Download Transaction and Auto Generate Attendance Record to achieve better work efficiency

To use this feature, go to Attendance module in Ingress software or Scheduling & Attendance module in TCMS V3 software, then select Export Scheduler > Add Scheduler.

There are 3 types of report that you can export:

1. Data Audit List
2. Summary Attendance Sheet
3. Details Attendance Sheet

From here on, you can select Auto Export period (either by Date, Weekly, Daily, Hourly or by Minute). Note that you can also configure the export Running Time and Date.

Export Data Audit List
In Export Data Audit List, you can choose to export the file in 2 template formats. Select the export format template you preferred. Template options are:

1.  Export Type 1 
With Export Type 1, you can select or remove the data fields as you need, example User ID, Name, Clocking Time and Check Type. Note that “No.” refers to the sequence of the data and “Size” refers to the maximum characters for the data field.

2.  Export Type 2
With Export Type 2, you need to type the desired export format and click Verify for system to check and save the data format. The System will show the status: Parse Successful (data format valid) or Parse Failed (data format invalid).

- Next, select the Export Path or location where you want to save the file.
- Select Append Data if you want the System to update the new data that you have exported inside the same file.
- Press OK to Save the Export Scheduler settings.

- To test whether all of the configurations are working based on the settings, please click at Run. ‘Print Job Completed’ message shows that the configurations are working and you can now expect the System to export all of the data based on the scheduler time.
- Check the exported file and the item inside the selected folder for confirmation.