Backup/Restore Ingress Database using 3rd Party MySQL Manager Tool

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Ingress was designed to work with MySQL database, which is known to be powerful, reliable and is widely used by many other systems. The downside of MySQL database is that the configuration requires advanced IT knowledge.

It is important to take regular backups of the databases of the Ingress software. Should the software crash or the hard disk of the computer malfunctions, all of the contents in the software as well as the settings will be lost. Only with a backup can all the data be restored.


By using any MySQL manager, admin or GUI tool, the time needed to backup or restore large databases can be reduced tremendously. The time can be used to set up the software again. The MySQL Manager is inexpensive to use and you can obtain it for free by downloading from the Internet.


1)     Once you have installed the SQL manager, run the program from the desktop shortcut. This is the first window you will see.
a)    Click the button on the top left labeled New. A window will appear asking for the name of this connection. Provide the connection name and click OK to continue.
a)    Provide the IP address of your database in the field labelled MySQL Host Address.
b)    Provide your database username and password in the appropriate fields.
c)    Enter 3306 in the Port Column.
d)    Click Save, then click Connect.
2)     Now that you have connected to the database, you can proceed to make a backup of your database. You should be able to see on the left panel of the window a list of the available databases.

3)      Select Ingress and right click on it. This will cause a menu to appear. Find the option labelled as 'Backup Database as SQL dump ...' and click it.
       4)    Under 'Export as SQL', you have the option of backing up the database structure or data or          
               both. Make sure both is selected for the backup to be successful.

      5)     Click the '....' button next to the 'Export to File:'. This will bring up a file save window. Find
               an appropriate folder to store your database backup.
6)    Now that the settings have been configured, click 'Export' to start the backup process. The
       program will inform you when it is completed.

       1)    To restore your database, first connect to your MySQL server using the instructions from 1)
               and 2) in the database backup process above. When you have connected to the MySQL server, go to
the DB menu near the center top of the window then click on 'Restore from SQL dump ...’.

2)    Click the '...' or ellipsis button and find the database backup that you have saved and open it. Once you have found the database, click 'Execute'. This will recreate your database into the software and the restore process is complete.


  1. I work with ingress and when i want to back up my database in auto backup intervalle ,it's not be saved in the path specified

    1. Hello Sir,

      Regarding to your query, please take note that you can only backup the database file in the folder inside the same PC (cannot save in the other PC or network path). However if you still failed to save the database file in the local folder, kindly share with us your Ingress software version.
      Please make sure you have use and update your software with the latest version which is v3.2.1.9. You can download the latest installer file from below link.



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