How to Set Up Key Collection Schedule using iNeighbour Web

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 TimeTec 0 Comments

Residence management can set up a schedule for key collection via the iNeighbour web application. After the setup, homeowners can book slots for key collection using their iNeighbour mobile app.

1. Under the Management tab click on Key Collection.

2. Click on the “Create Now” button to proceed.

3. Enable the booking toggle button to allow homeowners to book their key collection slot.

4. Click on the drop-down list to select the number of days required to book in advance.

5. Select the “Manually Approve” option, then select admin with full access to approve slots booked by homeowners.

6. - Toggle “Auto Reminder” to remind homeowners of booked slot a day before.
    - Fill in the address of the key collection location and the contact information of the person     in charge.
    - Click next when done.

7. Give the schedule a name for easier identification.

8. Select the Start and End date of the Key Collection period using the drop-down calendar.

9. - Choose desired days and the number of slots for each day.
    - Click Next when finished.


10. Set up time slots and the person in charge for each day, then click submit.

11. - After creation, management can still edit the schedule under the Key Collections section.
    - Just click the pencil icon to make changes, if needed.

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