Ingress software Release Note v4.0.2.3

Wednesday, September 02, 2020 TimeTec 2 Comments

This month, FingerTec has released Ingress software v4.0.2.3 with 10 new added features and 3 bugs fixed to enhance the user experience when using the Ingress Software. 

1.  Added AWDMS option when Scan Device 

2. Added new Rounding option for Short in Flexi Schedule, Pay Class Settings 

3. Added Create New User when Auto Download Attendance Logs from Device in the System Settings

4. Added an option to group data by User ID or Date when exporting the Details Attendance Sheet 

5. Added export format "00:00" for Hour Format when exporting the Details Attendance Sheet

6. Added customized columns to display in the User Module

7. Added set default Verify Mode to become "Automatic Identification" when adding a new device to the AWDMS 

8. Added download window for temperature transaction in the Health Screening

9. Added new verification mode "Palm Vein" into the Ingress (support only certain device models) 

10. Added disable real-time monitoring event for Health Screening Monitoring in the System Settings 

Bug Fix

11. Resolved the inability of choosing Export Work Unit option if selected Export Leave or Short when configuring the SQL payroll
12. Resolved the undisplayed of total leave for Open Schedule when generating the ETC report
13. Resolved the display error of some information in the User Module


  1. When I try to update this, it goes through the process and acts like it updates, but then I open Ingress and I'm still on the old version and it tells me there's an update available. Done this 4 times all the same result.

    1. Hi,

      Please make sure all the Ingress software included Ingress Server are closed before upgrading the software. After the update is completed, you are required to run Ingresss DBInstaller and finish the 3 steps to update the new database version.

      If issue persists, kindly send an email to so our team could assist you better.

      Ooi Chun Kiat


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