TimeTec TA - Calculate the Distance Between Clocking Locations (Distance Calculator)

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How do you usually assess the mileage accuracy when reviewing employees’ travel claims? At times, figures can be so vague and unreliable. TimeTec TA is introducing a new feature to help you make more accurate and reliable staff travelling distance estimation. The Distance Calculator is a feature designated to alleviate the management’s burden of calculating the travel distance for staff claims. By enabling this function, the system will calculate the travel distance based on users’ clocking location data and will ease the complication upon evaluation. Most importantly, this feature is also supported in the TimeTec TA mobile application.

Process (Only TimeTec TA Admin is allowed to edit)
1. Go to DEVICE > Distance Calculator.

2. Select the employee and date range; click on the ‘Retrieve’ button. The system will list down all the clocking locations within the selected period.
Group by Day = Enable this option if you wish to group clocking distance by day. Using this option, the system will NOT calculate the distance for cross days. Refer to the below examples:

An example of Enabled ‘Group by Day’
Day 1:
1 Jan, Location 1
1 Jan, Location 2

•  Distance = Location 1 to Location 2

Day 2:
2 Jan, Location 3
2 Jan, Location 4

•  Distance = Location 3 to Location 4

An example of Disabled ‘Group by Day’
1 Jan, Location 1
1 Jan, Location 2
2 Jan, Location 3
2 Jan, Location 4

•  Distance = Location 1 to Location 2; and 
•  Distance = Location 2 to Location 3; and
•  Distance = Location 3 to Location 4

3. Once all the clocking data and locations are listed, remove any unnecessary clocking locations and click ‘Next’ to continue. (No GPS location information will be provided for FingerTec Terminal Clocking Data or for Mobile Clocking Data with disabled location option).

4. View the distance presented between one clocking location to another. Edit the distance as needed and click Next to save the final result.
Note: Distance provided is only an estimation based on Google Map suggestion. Results may vary depending on the route suggested by Google Map.

5. Print, email or click ‘Done’ to complete the process. All generated results are available in the History tab for future reference.

6. If you click on the print icon, the report of the Distance Calculator will be presented as below:

7. Select the Email icon if you wish to send the report to any user/s.

8. Go to the ‘HISTORY’ tab to view generated distance results in this tab. You can also download the results including the clocking information and distances in the PDF format.

How to view the Distance Calculator Report from the User View (WebSite)
1. Go to APPROVAL > Distance Calculator.

2. Users can view or download your generated distance report in this section.

How to view Distance Calculator Report from User View (TimeTec TA App)
1. Go to Approval > Distance Calculator.

2. Click on the ‘Blue Box’ to view and download the Distance Calculator Report and ‘Red Box’ to send the report to other users.
Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.


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