Troubleshooting Ingress Server-Client when Server IP Address is Different from Actual IP Address on Server PC

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 TimeTec 4 Comments

There are certain factors that can cause issues on Ingress Server-Client connection. One of the reasons is caused by the different server IP that appears on Ingress software with an actual IP on your server or main computer.

Hence, this article can be referred to when you want to identify whether the connection issue occurred is due to this issue or there is a software problem. Below are the processes in which you can follow to determine such instances:

Issue and Problem Verification
To verify if you are facing this issue, you can check the Ingress server IP at Ingress > System Setting > Database Configuration > check Server or Database IP and compare with actual PC IP by running ‘CMD’ command prompt > type ipconfig > enter > check IPv4 Address (refer below picture).

If you found the differences on both IP addresses, you can refer to the following tips on how to fix this issue.

Process and Settings

1.    First of all, please download and install MySQL manager tools such as SQLyog on your Ingress server computer. You can search and download a free version of MySQL manager tools from the website or download from below links :

• If your operating system is 64-bit type, please download SQL yog from

• If your operating system is 32-bit type, please download SQL yog from

2.    Connect to the MySQL host with the correct MySQL password (password when you run Ingress DB Installer).

3.    From the MySQL manager program, go to option Tools > select User Manager.

4.    Under User Manager Windows screen, User > select root@% > select Global Privilege > select or tick all privileges for this user > Save Changes

5.    Under same User Manager Windows screen, User > select root@% > select Ingress > select or tick all privileges to selected object for this user > Save Changes.

6.       Close the MySQL Manager tools and run Ingress DB Installer. Key in the Host settings as a current IP address for the computer (IP address that appears from command prompt > ipconfig), then key in the MySQL password.

7.       Run all steps on Ingress DB Installer which are Test Connection, Update Connection and Upgrade Database. Once completed, close the Ingress DB Installer and run the Ingress software.

8.       After you run the Ingress software on server PC, you need to check the Ingress Server and Database IP address again from the System Settings > Database Configuration. You can find that the Ingress server IP is the same with the actual IP address for that PC.

9.       Finally, you can test and run back the Ingress Client from the other PC and check now you can connect to the Ingress Server successfully.

Note: If any of the screenshots or steps in this manual are different from the current system, it is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at We will update it as soon as possible.


  1. tried but still failed change from localhost to ip .

    1. Hello Sir,

      Kindly try to restart the mySQL services before changing from the localhost to ip in the Ingress dbinstaller.

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