How to Merge Two User IDs in TCMS V3/Ingress Without Losing the Transaction Logs

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 TimeTec 5 Comments

Sometimes an Admin would mistakenly add another user ID for an employee staff who has already have a user ID.  And, when the Admin wants to correct the situation, the user ID has already existed in the software. Worse, both User IDs have transaction logs! Don’t sweat. We have the best solution for you to merge the User IDs without affecting the transaction data. 

Rectifying errors without compromising the data.

Kindly follow the below steps:
1. To enable editable User ID, go to System Settings > System Parameter Settings > User > Edit > Tick on the ‘Enable editable User ID’ option > Save.

2. Before proceed on merging the User IDs, please ensure to:
i) Download all the transaction logs from device; Go to Scheduling & Attendance tab > Attendance Sheet > Download > Select which device to download > OK.

ii) Backup your database; Go to System Settings > Database Configuration > Browse Database Backup Path > Backup

3. In Users tab, click on Remove Current User > Select which device to remove user(s) > Select the correct User ID (the one you want to use later) > Select Data > Remove. By default, the ‘Remove both local and device user data’ option is ticked. Please don’t untick it in order to remove user from both software and device.
Note: Once you remove the User ID from the software, the transaction logs that have been downloaded earlier won’t be missing. They are still stored in the system.

4. In Users tab, double click on the mistaken User ID > Edit > Change the User ID > Save. You will be prompted by the screen below notifying you to download all the user’s transaction logs from the device before changing the User ID. This is mainly to ensure that the existing transaction logs are synced correctly. Select the device which you want to apply the changes on and click OK.

Then, another prompt message will appear alerting you that the same User ID was added to the system previously and asking whether you want to purge the previous transaction logs for the correct User ID. Please proceed by clicking on ‘No’ option. This is a very important step to ensure both User IDs’ transaction logs to merge.
Note : If you click on ‘Purge’, previous transaction data belong to the User ID will be deleted, and you will lost you data.

5. Finally, in Users tab, click on Upload User to synchronize the changes made in the software to the device; Select which device to upload > Select the correct User ID > Select Data > Upload.

And yes, you are DONE! You may verify the update process by checking the attendance sheet on whether the User ID still has the existing transaction logs.

Note: If any of the screenshots or steps in this manual are different from the current system, it is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at We will update it as soon as possible.


  1. If I knew this solution sooner, I would not have to delete the information of many users :<. This is much Easier

  2. I have one question ;under system parameter in step one how can i find user

  3. Dear Tabokai,

    For your info, when you choose or selecting System Parameter Setting, you can find the User tab, which is in the same row with other option like System, Attendance, Device and Report (refer picture


  4. in selecting system parameter setting i was unable to find user tab only system attendance, device day type and report how can I add or be seen under system parameter thanks

    1. Hello Sir,

      Good day to you.

      Regarding your query, please make sure your login credential has the right to access all the tabs available in the system parameter setting.

      You may check with your admin to find out accessibility that has been assigned to you after log in to the software.

      If you have further inquiry, please redirect the inquiry to


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