Now You Can CC Recipients in TimeTec Leave

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The work of an employee is always connected to a few departments, not only his or her own. Hence, when an employee is taking a leave, those who are affected need to be informed beforehand to make sure that the tasks at hand are being handled properly and in time.  Therefore, TimeTec Leave introduces a CC (carbon copy / courtesy copy) option for employee to notify his/her colleagues of his/her upcoming break.  

To inform other colleagues on the upcoming break(s) so all the important work/tasks can be handled properly in the absence. 

For more details of what is available in this feature, please refer to the quick guide below, prepared in two sections:
1)    Mobile App
2)    Web

How to Apply CC Option in TimeTec Leave App
Login into the App > Click Home 

Click ‘+’ icon to add / apply leave

Choose Leave Name, select Request Type, select date, add reason & choose Cc (optional)

*If you want to to use the CC option, click on the CC (optional) field and choose the colleague(s) that you want to notify about your leave. 

When done, click the paper plane icon to submit your leave application and those who are listed under the CC will be notified accordingly. 

How to Apply CC Option in TimeTec Leave Web (

There are a couple of options to apply CC Option in the web, Option 1 is via shortcut to application, option 2 is through Leave Application tab. 

Option 1:
Log into your TimeTec account > click on Menu and go to TimeTec Leave

Click on ‘+ Apply’ button

At the pop Window, fill in all the details for your leave application.

A click on the CC (optional) button, you will see a pop up Windows, where you can choose the colleagues you want to notify about your leave application.

Click the tick button to submit your leave application. 

Option 2:
Log in Account > click Menu go to TimeTec Leave

Home > Click Leave Application tab

Scroll down the page until you see leave application form and fill up your leave application details

When you click the  CC (optional) button, you will be presented with a pop up Windows to choose the colleagues who you want to notify 

When you are done, click the Submit button to send leave applications

Note: If any of the screenshots or steps in this manual are different from the current system, it is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at We will update it as soon as possible.


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