Ingress Release Note v3.1.6.10 & v3.1.6.15

Thursday, August 30, 2018 TimeTec 3 Comments

For this month, FingerTec has released Ingress software v3.1.6.10 & v3.1.6.15 , which adds 17 new
features and 12 bugs fixes to enhance the user experience when using Ingress Software.

New Features and Enhancements:
1. Added Phone and Fax in Company Info.

2.  Added Export migration to TimeTec TA.

3.  Added Search option in Release Note.

4.  Added option to group list of device.

5. Display Face Count on Device listing panel.

6. Revamp export path to browse folder path instead of the selection of USB drive when exporting
users to USB.

7.  Added "Ingress Monitoring Centre" in Monitoring Module.

8.  Added Allow holiday list to be assigned in different schedules when first adding holidays.

9. Added new export format ODBC(MDB) in Export Attendance Details/Summary.

10. Added more selection option for date when exporting Attendance Details/Summary.

11.  Added new field Designation in Export Attendance Details.

12.       Added new fields for Overtime Count, Diff OT Count & Short Day Count in Export Attendance
Summary for each Day Type.

13.  Added new field for Employee ID in Export Audit Data type 1.

14. Revamped Enable/Disable employee define In/Out records into columns that can be defined.

15.      Added no. of hours for Overtime hour when surpassed certain Overtime hour in the clocking
schedule settings.

16. Added download details after manually downloading the Attendance Photo.

17. Added date and time filter in User Movement Analysis Report.

Bugs Fixed (v3.1.6.10):
1. Fix Incorrect position of the User ID when exporting the attendance sheet.
2. Fixed Unable to set devices for Enable Attendance from selected devices option in Flexi Schedule.
3. Fixed Unable to view original clocking data in the report for the rounding option.
4. Fixed Unable to read USB file from Timeline 100 correctly.
5. Fixed Electronic Time Card Reporting Blank when Filtered by Department.
6. Fixed Resume time on Attendance Sheet does not display in red colour when it exceeds the
flexible break time allowed.
7. Fixed Incorrect Total Overtime for Restday/Offday and Holiday when overtime differential rate
interval settings are applied in the weekly schedule.
8. Fixed Attendance sheet report not showing the leave indicator when In/Out Clocking option is not
9. Fixed Tardiness Report showing late IN.
10. Fixed Basic Rate becoming 0.00 when exporting using Employee ID in Export Sage UBS
11. Fixed MYOB payroll leave export Reduce to 1 column.

Bugs Fixed (v3.1.6.15):
1. Fixed Missing Employee ID option in the Export Scheduler Audit List Type 1 template.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current
system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please
notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.


  1. some of issues finger team should solve especially in reports,
    Such as the margins in the reports.
    example user movement analysis Report in the previous Software TCMS V2, we needed less paper to print
    Now every paper contains only seven employees.
    also no option to edit the report, For example we do not want the name of the device to appear in the report and the top margin is too large.
    Another problem if we want to show a particular report to only one employee, we can using user select box to write the employee number directly .

    1. Hello Sir/Madam,

      Thank you for your kind attention and recommendation towards Fingertec software. We really appreciate it.

      We will look into this matter and discuss with our team should there be any modification or improvement required to ease our client requirement in such ways as per explained above.

      You also may email to us at for any issue and recommendation with brief explanation so that we can assist you further.

      Thanks and have a good day.

  2. sorry we can not using user select box to write the employee number directly


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