TimeTec TA – Configuring Open Schedule with Over Night Shift Roster

Monday, March 26, 2018 TimeTec 2 Comments

Many companies have started applying a non-fixed working time and work on shift basis for their employees. While the deployment of the new schedules is underway, many of their managers are not familiar on how to configure this shift type in time and attendance system like TimeTec TA. So in this tip, we will be discussing about the function of Open Schedule with Over Night Shift that allows all users to enter any shift schedules that have been set in their group roster in TimeTec TA application automatically.

These schedule configurations are applicable to any operating department that requires their staff to work 24 hours a day based on a dedicated shift roster such as Security Department or Manufacturing Company. For example, a group of security guards have two shifts: a Morning Shift that starts from 7AM to 7PM and a Night Shift that starts from 7PM to 7AM. By using this schedule settings, the system will detect any guards who comes to work at 7AM or 7PM and label them as the morning shift workers.

Process and Settings
To apply this Schedule settings, you need to have the following criteria:
1. Have more than 1 working shift.
2. Staff can work for any shift when they assigned.
3. There are overnight shifts in the clocking time.

Case Study 1
For example, a Security Department that operates around the clock 24 hours per day. There are 2 teams of workers in the department, with the following timetable:

Morning – 7AM to 7PM
Night – 7PM to 7AM

Step 1 – Configure a shift schedule using Daily schedule type. (Schedule tab > Clocking schedule > Add schedule)

For the system to function correctly, please ensure that the schedule timing for each shift DOES NOT OVERLAP with one another.

Example of schedules WITHOUT overlapping time :
Morning – 7AM to 7PM / Night – 7PM to 7AM OR,
Morning 7AM to 3PM / Evening 3PM to 11PM / Night 11PM to 7AM

Example of schedule WITH overlapping time:
Morning – 7AM to 7PM / Noon – 12PM – 12AM / Night 7PM to 7AM

Step 2 – Configure group roster for Open Shift / Open Schedule / Flexible Shift. (Schedule tab > Assign Schedules and Users into Roster > Click Add (+) )


Step 3 – Assign user with this dedicated roster. Then you can start to Generate the Attendance Sheet to view the record.

Initially by default, the system is already assigned with the Qualify minutes before any shift starts at 60 minutes. It means, for schedule 7AM to 7PM, a user can come to work anytime between 6AM to 8AM and the system will be able detect the correct schedule number.
Whenever you set ‘Qualify minutes before shift starts’ time, the ‘Replace with latest clocking’ feature will be disabled. Therefore, to ensure that ‘Replace with latest clocking’ feature continues working properly when setting time for ‘Qualify minutes before shift starts’, you need to untick ‘Replace with latest clocking’ for column Out and Done.


  1. what about scheduled like 4 days work and then 4 days off (night and day shift)

    1. Hi, you can set up a shift pattern roster in Assign Schedule and Users to Roster. The shift pattern system will auto generate the next pattern based on the setting that you already set inside group roster. You may visit the link below for more info about schedule and roster setting.




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