How to pair FingerTec QR110 Slave Reader with FingerTec Master Readers

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QR110 QR Code Scanner is FingerTec latest product that comes with a new verification method: QR Code along with the capabilities to scan RFID/MiFare access cards as well. As a slave reader, QR110 will need to be paired with FingerTec Ingressus controllers and master readers such as R3,  R2, Q2i and etc before the whole system works.
Supported model:
Q2i, R3, R2, Face ID 3, Kadex, m-Kadex, Ingressus I/II/IV
QR110 is built with a 26-bit Wiegand communication. Even though FingerTec master devices comes with 34-bit and 26-bit Wiegand, by default all FingerTec Master Devices is set with 26-bit Wiegand Communication.

For information on QR110 (MiFare), please refer to this post:
How To Pair QR110 (MiFare) With FingerTec Master Readers

Please follow the steps below for QR110 (RFID) installation:
1) Connect the wirings between QR110 and FingerTec Controller and Biometrics Devices
  • For Ingressus I,II, and IV, please connect the respective devices to the following QR110 ports (D1, D0, GND, VCC) as shown in the circuit diagram below:   

QR 110 to Ingressus

For Master Readers (R2, R3, Kadex, m-Kadex, Q2i, Face ID 3), please connect the respective
devices to the following QR110 ports (D1, D0, GND, VCC) as shown in the circuit diagram below:

Example : R2 Connection to QR110
2) If there is no response on Master device when you wave card or scan QR code on QR110, please check the Wiegand bit Format in FingerTec Device
  • In R2 and Kadex, please go to Menu > Option > System Option > Wiegand Input Setting > FP device > Input Format = WG26 Without ID  > OK > Input = ID > OK > Restart

  • In R3 and Q2i, please go to Menu > Comm > Wiegand > Input Option > Define = 26 > Bit counts = 26 > Input = NO. > Restart
*QR110 is not compatible with Q2i (FEM 510)
  • In Face ID 3, please go to Menu > Comm > Wiegand Input > Wiegand Format =  Wiegand 26 > Input = Card No. > Save > Restart.
  • In m-Kadex, this model does not come with an interface design. Therefore, a software tool is required to enable it into a Wiegand 26-bit format. Please download the software tool here

and proceed to input the IP address of m-Kadex into the software tool. Once updated, the
m-Kadex device will now accept 26-bit Wiegand Connection. (This method can also be applied
to R2 and Kadex) Please refer to the screenshot below for more information:

  • In Ingressus I, II, and IV, the devices will automatically detect and configure its Wiegand Connection once connected to QR110. Therefore, removing the need for any manual setting.

After the configuration is done, the FingerTec devices will then be paired with QR110.


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