Ingress Release Note (v3.1.4.11)

Thursday, March 08, 2018 TimeTec 2 Comments

For Ingress v3.1.4.11 release, there are 15 new features and enhancements as well as 8 bugs fixes that resolve errors found in previous versions. Kindly refer below for the new features and bugs fixed:

New Features and Enhancements:
1. Fixed wrong color display when port-forwarding device not connected at device module. When port-forwarding device is lost connection to Ingress software, the connection status will become 'Not Applicable' and the connection indicator will turn to grey color.

2. Added QR Code option in Users Card No.. With this option, the system will now generate a QR Code when the Card No. information is entered and users can then obtain the Card No. information by scanning the QR Code.

3. Added "Group by Dept" option for Month by Month Analysis report. By enabling this option, users will then be arranged according to their department within the report.

4. Added Sum of "Late In" and "Absent" for each department in Tardiness Report. When checked, the total days of Late In and Absent will then be displayed on the Tardiness Report. 

5. Added new system role privilege to hide/display "Remove Transaction Log" while downloading the transaction logs. This feature is added to ensure that users do not mistakenly delete the transaction data from FingerTec device.

6. Added new option: “Enable Last Name displayed First” in System Settings. By enabling this option, the user’s last name will be displayed first then followed by his/her first name.

7. Added the option to select folder path for TIMING file in System Setting's Server Module. Users can now choose the folder location to save TIMING file that has been downloaded from FingerTec device if they enable ‘Remove transaction data after download’ option.

8. Added total allowed holiday(s) count in Holiday Listing within Attendance Module. Users can now view the total holidays left in the Holiday List section.

9. Added new Export Payroll Type - "Kakitangan" for Malaysia. For companies in Malaysia, a new Payroll Type called “Kakitangan” is now introduced in the new update.

10. Added option to open File Location whenever the backup process is completed. Users can now access the folder location of the backup database file.

11. Added new Batch Update Planner for User Duty Planner.

12. Added option “Download attendance photo” in System Settings.

13. Added option to Export Invalid Audit Data.

14. Added Display Progress Bar while generating a report.

15. Added "Tab" separator in Export Type 2 under Export Audit Data.

16. Added Work Code information in Transaction Listing Report.

Bugs Fixed:
1. Fixed Access Level Report showing no records found when no department is selected.

2. Fixed RS232 device failed to download.

3. Fixed Attendance Clocking data on 00:00 considered as yesterday for Flexi Schedule.

4. Fixed Migration Wizard in FingerTec Cloud Center failing to migrate Transaction Data.

5. Fixed Export Attendance displaying Wrong Date Format for Export Attendance function to MS Excel file.

6. Fixed after unticking ‘Original Clocking’, the Download, Generate and Export button will be accessible for Admins without the appropriate rights.

7. Fixed Export Attendance data with CSV format separated by comma instead of semicolon for export summary and details.

8. Fixed Export Payroll unable to save the user accordingly within each template for WinCom v7, SQL and Million.

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  1. I want to ask you a question about a specify schedule on the “Ingress Software”.
    how to configure night time on the system?
    for example an employe come at 6 o'clock afternoon and leave to morrow at 6 o'clock morning, how to custumize this schedule ?

    1. Dear Mr Pierre,

      Good day to you,

      We have already replied your inquiries via email, you may check your mail box.


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