TCMS V3 Release Note v2.1.1.8 (8-8-2017)

Monday, August 21, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

This newly updated TCMS V3 software has 27 features enhancements and 5 additional bug fixes. Below are the details of the enhancements and fixes:

1. Added new language – French
TCMS V3 is now equipped with French language. (Note: Language can be changed under System Setting module.

2. Million Payroll (Malaysia and Singapore only) export function is now available in TCMS V3.

3. New search options is added within User module. Now, users can be searched by IC/Social Security, Designation, or Employee ID. Please refer to the comparison picture below for more information.

4. Added new option to browse the path of User/Attendance within USB file for importing purposes. Previously, the software was only able to detect User/Attendance file from a USB drive. But as for now, user can specify the folder path that contains the supposed USB file from any virtual machine (VM).

5. Revised device listing to alphabetical order in some modules such as Upload User, Download User, Remove Device User & Download Transaction Log.

6. Added more Date selections in Attendance Sheet : Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, Last Payroll Cycle.

7. Added more information on Roster list: Overtime Only After / Diff.OT Only After. This can now be previewed on Group Duty Roster as shown in the screenshot below.

8. Holiday description will now be shown in Group Duty Roster when mouse over in order to ease configuration of the roster.

9. Added option to import holiday list from the past 3 years. To use this feature, first switch
to List View as shown in the screenshot below and select the holidays that you want to import.

10. Rename "Remark" tab in Attendance Module to "Work Code". This changes was made to provide a better understanding for our customers regarding the Work Code function within the Attendance module.

11. Export Scheduler for Data Audit List is added into TCMS V3 for exporting of audit data automatically to the specified path.

12. Enhancement placed on Add New Roster at Scheduling & Attendance module, whereby the Auto Schedule can now be carried out directly during this process.

13. Enhanced export attendance summary for .txt file, whereby the format for Numerical User ID is aligned to the right.

15. Added selection on exporting for 1st and 2nd half of Sage UBS Payroll in payroll export function.

17. Added sort and user selection filter by Employee ID in Report Module. To enable this function, go to system settings > Reports > Tick ‘Enable Employee ID selection’.


18. Added Late-In & Early Out filter option in Attendance Report Module.

19. Enhanced calculation of total wages, OT and etc, by department in Gross Wages Report.

20. Removed .XPS report format from Report Scheduler. As such, the current formats available are PDF, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text, Image.
21. Enhanced report scheduler interface for email setting.

22. Display the last executed time for report scheduler.

23. Added 2 new date selections for report scheduler: This Week and Last Week.

24. Added an alternative filter ‘by department’ option in Report Scheduler.

25. Allowed schedule synchronization of device date & time. This function can be set in Devices tab under System Settings module.
26. Added capability to view the last auto executed time of database backup. Mouse over to the “i” logo in Database Configuration under System Settings module to view last backup time.  

27. Support anonymous SMTP access. SMTP Password is now not a mandatory field to be filled in thus allowing users to set up an anonymous SMTP server.  

In this release, following bugs are solved :

1. Fixed saving selected user at Export Sage UBS Payroll
2. Fixed incorrect value exported for Leave Hour for half day export to Sage UBS Payroll
3. Fixed failed to create Schedule (Only for Language Locale set to Indonesia)
4. Fixed incorrect total work hour calculated in Electronic Time Card report
5. Fixed invalid to run on Excel file .xlsx format generation


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