Ingress/TCMS V3 - Configure Open Schedule / Open Shift / Flexible Shift with Qualify Minutes before shift starts feature

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Open schedule also known as Open Shift or Flexible Shift is a function for allowing all users to enter any shifts scheduled that were set in their group roster.

For example, Morning Shift starts from 7AM to 7PM and Night Shift starts from 7PM to 7AM. If a user comes to work at 7AM, the system will then automatically detect and label the supposed user as coming in for a morning shift.

Initially, Qualify Minutes will be shown as blank. However, it should be noted that the system by default will assign 60 minutes for Qualify Minutes. Hence, if Morning Shift starts from 7AM to 7PM, users are allowed to come in anytime between 6AM to 8AM.

However, if a user comes in too early or arrives too late (More than 60 minutes), you can refer to the steps below to assign a new time for Qualify Minutes in order for the system to be able to detect the correct shift schedule.

Step 1 – Configure shift schedule using Daily schedule type.
For example, the usual schedule: Morning – 7AM to 7PM / Night – 7PM to 7AM


# Additional Info
For the system to function correctly, please ensure that the schedule timing for each shift does not overlap with one another.
Example of schedules without the time overlapping: 
Morning – 7AM to 7PM / Night – 7PM to 7AM OR,
Morning 7AM to 3PM / Evening 3PM to 11PM / Night 11PM to 7AM

Example of schedule with the time overlapping: 
Morning – 7AM to 7PM / Noon – 12PM – 12AM / Night 7PM to 7AM
Steps 2 – Configure group roster for Open Shift / Open Schedule / Flexible Shift Create weekly roster


Click button Edit > Click Auto Schedule

Select schedule number for Open Schedule

After clicking OK, the group roster will be shown as below:

Step 3 – Set time for Qualify minutes before shift starts
Initially, the box is set as BLANK. Therefore, the system by default is already assigned at 60 minutes. That means for schedule 7AM to 7PM, a user can come to work anytime between 6AM to 8AM and the system will be able detect the correct schedule number.
However, if users happen to come in too early or arrives too late (more than 60 minutes), you will then need to increase Qualify Minutes time by following the steps below:
Steps 3.1 – Open schedule > Click Clocking Range > click Edit


Step 3.2 – Untick ‘Replace with latest clocking’ for column Out and Done > set Qualify minutes before shift starts as 120 minutes > save


Steps 3.3 – please follow the same steps for other daily schedules.

# Additional Info
Whenever you set ‘Qualify minutes before shift starts’ time, the ‘Replace with latest clocking’ feature will be disabled. Therefore, to ensure that ‘Replace with latest clocking’ feature continues working properly when setting time for ‘Qualify minutes before shift starts’, you need to untick ‘Replace with latest clocking’ for column Out and Done.


  1. Scheduling and attendance is unoperable in TCMS V3 neither monitoring nor reports

    1. Hello Sir,

      The reply has been sent to your mailbox. Kindly check and revert back to us should you need further assistance

  2. Good day Sir, will just ask how to enable to show the time in of Sundays? this day is a rest day but sometimes some employees are working on that day.

    Tried to download our time in and out but the time in on Sundays are not appearing.

    Our clocking schedule has 2 shifts. 1 - 8am to 5pm, 2- 6pm to 6am.

    Please help me how to show the time ins on Sundays. Thank you.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you.

      In regards to your inquiry, please let me know if you already configure the clocking time for Sunday ( You need to make sure you already set the clocking time for Sunday or restday in order the clocking data to appear in attendance sheet.

  3. i have one group that work 3 time only in clocking not need out
    first time start at 8:00 am
    second start at 3:00pm
    thirth start at 8:00pm
    please tell me how can i make time scheduale for this work and friday will be holiday

    1. Hello Maftah Garrab,

      Referring to your query, if you have 3 working time that not fixed, you can try configure your system using Flexi Schedule. Flexi Clocking Schedule is a working schedule that does not include any late-ins, early outs or overtime. This is suitable for groups of workers where their working time is not fixed.

      For details on how to configure Flexi Schedule, you can refer below article.

      Best Regards.

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