Troubleshooting Ingress Server–Client by Restoring Fresh Database

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

There are plenty of factors that can cause Ingress Server-Client connection problem. One of the reasons is caused by the different server and client locations in addition to it being connected through VPN or port forwarding.

Hence, this post can be referred to whenever you want to identify whether the connection issue occurred is due to the network blocking issue or the software issue. Below are the processes in which you can follow to determine such instances:

1) Backup the existing database [IMPORTANT]. Refer to this link to backup your database:

2) Uninstall Ingress Server-Client at both PC and MySQL and delete all 4 folders as below:

a) Server - 3 folders [ingress / MySQL program file / MySQL program data]
- Delete Ingress Folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec Worldwide\FingerTec Ingress
- Delete Mysql Folder at C:\Program Files\MySQL
- Delete Mysql Folder at C:\ProgramData\MySQL ( you need to tick “Show hidden folder” in order to view this folder )

b) Client - 1 folder [Ingress]
- Delete Ingress Folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec Worldwide\FingerTec Ingress

3) Restart both PCs [server and client]

4) Then Start Menu > cmd > ipconfig in each PC.

REMARK: Please make sure that both PCs are connected to One Network connection only.

5) After that Start Menu > cmd > ping each other IP Addresses and check whether there is a reply or not.

6) Then, install MYSQL ONLY at the Server PC.

To install MySQL 5.5. You can download it at:

32 bit -

- Tick allow remote access

Once done, install SQLyog at the server > check whether it can read the MySQL database > if can, then restart the PC.

• If your client’s operating system is 64-bit type, please download SQLyog from:

• If your client’s operating system is 32-bit type, please download SQLyog from:

7) Once restarted and SQLyog is able to read MySQL database in the server > then you can install SQLyog at the client PC.

For SQLyog client side - configure the IP Address of the server PC and not localhost

This is to ensure that the MYSQL connection on both server/client PC is successful WITHOUT ANY INGRESS software.

8) If SQLyog at the client PC is able to read the MYSQL database at the server PC, then you may proceed to install Ingress Server-Client on both PCs.

9) Restart the PCs after installing Ingress Server-Client and run the DB installer after that.

If SQLyog at the client side is unable to read the MYSQL DB at the server side, then the problem occurred is not related to the Ingress software but rather due to the network blocking issue. Thus, you will need to check with the IT personnels of your company.


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