Device Connection Notification in Ingress

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 TimeTec 2 Comments

Meet our latest feature within the Event Alarm setting where you can receive notification regarding the device connection. Through this feature, the administrators will be notified when any of the devices lost connection and re-connected back to Ingress software.

This feature is designed to ease administrators in monitoring the device connectivity.

A) Configure the email setting
1) First, you need to configure your email account within Ingress in order for it to send notification via email. To do so, go to System Settings > Email > Edit > Edit Email Configuration > Save > Click Test Account Settings.

2) In the recipient info, click Add > configure your preferred email > Save


B) Configure the Alarm Event setting
1) Go to System Settings > Alarm > Select the priority level


2) Click Edit > Add > Select filter option for either Standalone device or Ingressus > Tick: Connected and Disconnected > Press OK


3) Tick Email and browse the recipients that you want to notify


Result: The recipient will then receive notifications regarding the device connection status



  1. Hi

    How to test it if its working or not??

    1. Hi Janssen,

      Good day to you,

      Please make sure you already configured the email setup setting in order to get the device connection notification alert. Kindly activate a device in the software and make sure the device connected accordingly. Then, you may try to disconnect the device network cable and monitor whether you get the device connection notification alert email or not.


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