App Lock - Assign Smartphones to Security Guards without Worry

Thursday, July 13, 2017 TimeTec 2 Comments

When the management of a security company thinks about providing a smartphone to security guards, the main worry is that the guards might use the phone for something else apart from work.  Worry no more because the management can restrict them to use only TimeTec Patrol or iNeighbour mobile app in the provided smartphones by installing an “app lock” mobile app from third party developers.

Search the app from Google Play and Apple Appstore by using the keyword “app lock”.

Search "app lock" in Apple Appstore

Search "app lock" in Google Play

After installing the app lock mobile app, the admin must select the mobile apps to lock. We recommended you to lock all apps in the smartphones, except TimeTec Patrol and i-Neighbour and you need to configure a unlock password that is different from the smartphone/screen unlocking password so that your guards can’t access.

Below is the sample UI from one of the app lock mobile apps.

The app lock mobile app will request the security guard to insert the unlock password everytime he tries to use locked mobile app. The security guards can only use TimeTec Patrol and iNeighbour mobile app, which are not locked by App Lock Mobile App.

Below is the sample display of the mobile screen with App Lock Mobile App

Sample of mobile screen using App Lock Mobile App, allowing only TimeTec Patrol App

Sample of mobile screen using App Lock Mobile App, allowing only i-Neighbour App
The App Lock Mobile App will request for password whenever security guard tries to use any locked App.

Password is required when security guards tries to open other locked App


  1. This is very informative, now i wont be worried people might misuse our security devices for other things that are not related to it's main purpose.

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