Forget to Clock your Time? Deal with it the Correct Way in TimeTec TA

Thursday, September 22, 2016 TimeTec 4 Comments

Attendance system is implemented in a company for a reason. At the most basic level, the system must be able to let the management know the level of staff compliance with the company’s attendance rules and policy. By having genuine clocking data at all times, the  management can view tardiness, absences or  any discrepancies in attendance clocking activities, and these data will be calculated to determine on payroll and disciplinary actions for a certain payroll cycle. When employees are not able to meet company’s attendance expectations on certain dates, he/she must request to change the schedule and the approval must be obtained from the superior in advance. Employees can request the company to correct their missing clocking activities in TimeTec TA with valid reasons.

This feature provides satisfaction to both parties, the company and the employee. Mismatch data can cause disappointment that can cause low morale in the workplace. By having a medium to correct those data with both parties consent, TimeTec TA would be a favorable system for handling workforce management

1) Login to your own personal TimeTec TA account
2) Go to Attendance tab > Click Request for Change

3) Select either you want to change request for Work Code or Missed Punch

Type: Work Code
Mail To: Select your Supervisor/Superior from the drop down box.
Affected date: The date of the missed or incorrect punches 
Clocking time: Select the clocking time that you wish to change the work code
Amended Work Code: Choose the correct work code
Don’t forget to provide a valid reason to the management.

Type: Missed Punch
Mail To: Select your Supervisor/Superior from the drop down box.
Select the date with the corresponding time for your miss punches. Select the work code for miss punches too. Make sure that you provide a valid reason for the management to approve the request

4) Once done, click the Submit button. Check your TimeTec TA account to see whether your request has been approved or otherwise. 


  1. làm sao để chấm công trên aptop nếu quên điện thoại ở nhà ạ?

    1. Dear Sir/Madam,

      With regard to your query, you may refer the following link on how to perform clocking activity through TimeTec web application.

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