Replacing R2i with H2i to Solve Fingerprint Incompatibility Problem in FingerTec R2 version 565

Friday, September 23, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

Previously FingerTec R2 was paired with the slave device R2i.  Due to major improvements carried out on the slave, R2c was introduced as a replacement to R2i. However, with the improvements, the new R2c can only support R2 with Biobridge VX10.0 algorithm and incompatible to R2 version 565 with Biobridge VX9.0 algorithm. The differences in algorithm versions disallow transfer of fingerprint templates between the previous R2 and the latest R2. And to use the new R2, users need to reenroll all user fingerprint templates again, a very impractical solution for organizations that have a large number of employees. As an alternative solution, we suggest the pairing of the old R2 unit (565) with H2i unit to work as master-slave in-out readers. This combination can be configured to work with Biobridge VX9.0 algorithm smoothly.

By choosing this method, you can skip the reenrollment of users’ fingerprint templates and use the existing fingerprint templates (BioBridge VX9.0) from the old device to be transferred into the new units.

To set up this R2-H2i combination, you need to connect these 2 terminals according to the connection diagram below.

Terminal configurations: 

AT R2 (565) MASTER

Change BioBridge Algorithm Version from Vx10 to Vx9.0
Press Menu > Option > System Option > Adv Option > Alg Ver > 9.0 > Ok > Esc & Save

Setting For Wiegand Input For R2.
Press Menu > Option > System Option > Wiegand > Input setting > FP device > Input format = WG26 with ID > Esc > Input = User > Esc & Save


Download the FingerTec Terminal Function Tools at

Change AdapTec Plus to Off
Start up the FingerTec Terminal Function Tool and connect to the H2i terminal and change the AdapTec Plus to OFF at Access Control menu.

Change BioBridge Algorithm Version to Vx 9.0
Start up the FingerTec Terminal Function Tool and connect to the H2i terminal and change the BioBridge Algorithm to Vx 9.0 at General Menu.

And now you’re done. By pairing old R2 565 version with the latest H2i, it could save you tonnes of time enrolling the new templates for all users. If you found yourself stumbled upon this predicament, give this suggestion a serious consideration. Contact us at for further information.


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