Configuring Internal and External Bell Duration in TA500.

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TA500 biometrics Time Attendance machine, does  not only offer verification of fingerprint, and password, but it also has a versatile design. There are many useful features in TA500 that can benefit various work environment and one of them is the Bell option. 


Bell option in TA500 allows the users to configure more than 100 bell schedules on a daily basis for various occasions. TA500 can be equipped with an External bell in addition to the built-in bell to fulfil alerting function in large work environments, such as factories or construction sites, where the use of siren with higher volume intensity is necessary. 


A: Bell Type 

1) You can configure the bell, to only Internal, only External, or for Internal and External to work together at the same time at;  Menu > System > System > Bell Type > Select Internal/ External/ Int&Ext > Press Ok.

B: Internal Bell schedule configuration and duration

At the terminal, press M/OK > System> Bell> Select the Bell schedule number and configure the following settings based on your preferences:

I: Time: Set the Time the Bell is expected to trigger (e.g. 12:00 pm) 

II: Select the effective days for the Bell to trigger (e.g Turn the bell “ON” for working days Monday-Thursday

III: Music: Select one of the 10 available ringing tones for your bell

IV: Times: The value you enter refers to the times the bell tone will be repeated (Until it is stopped by pressing the OK button, or the number of times repeated) 

V: State: Set “On” for the bell to work based on the configured time and days, and “Off” to turn the Bell schedule off.

Press Ok and Save.

C: External Bell schedule configuration and duration:

1) The External bell configuration can be performed by following the details I-V mentioned in Internal Bell configurations. 

2) Download the parameter configurations tool HERE

3) Run the downloaded “FingerTecConfig.exe” file

4) Enter the IP address of your terminal at the “IP Address” field, and click "Connect", (IP address can be configured at your terminal Menu > Comm > IP > Set value)

5) Enter the following parameter at CFG box: ExAlarmDelay, then enter the Value in seconds for the external bell, then click "Set" and click "Update"


6) Once the value is set successfully, restart the terminal and test the external alarm duration. 

Note: For hardware connection of external bell to TA500, please refer HERE.


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