Connecting External Bell to TA500

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 FingerTec 17 Comments


FingerTec TA500 is an affordable terminal to purchase; the investment cost is miniscule compared to the convenience and benefit it comes along with. This model can be customized to support External Schedule Bell, which is useful in alerting employees to change shifts, dismiss for lunch break, or simply the clocking status itself. It will trigger the siren when the pre-configured time (s) is reached.


By using the External Bell function, the siren can be heard from a fairly far distance. This is suitable for working environment involving large extent of operation space, such as factories, warehouses, or schools.


   1.     The connection and the wiring need to be done on the TA500 MCU board. You                will have to unscrew the back casing of the terminal and look for the connector              near to the network port as shown in below photo.

     2.  The siren cable on the other hand is to be connected to either NO1 and COM1                or NC1 and COM1. If the siren is successfully connected to NO1 and        
           COM1, the bell will be triggered once the time reaches. Whilst is the case of                  NC1 and COM 1 connection the reaction will be the other way round where the              alarm will always be triggered until it reaches the configured time, and then the              alarm will stop to trigger.

     3.   Hold Down the Menu button System > System > Bell Type > External / Int &                Ext to turn on the external siren.

           While for the bell time configuration, you can go to Menu (Press and hold)                       System > System > Bell > Select Bell > Configure the bell time.

      4.  Connect the device to the external siren as shown in the wiring diagram                          below:


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