Ingress Software Updates – V3.0.6

Friday, July 01, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec has released the latest update of Ingress (version 3.0.6) which includes 22 enhancement and 7 bug fixes. This version is now available for download from our website as well as online update directly from the software itself.

1.     Added “Show Zero Hour” option in Daily Attendance Listing Report and Weekly Attendance Listing Report.


2.      Rearrangement of the Modules
       We have rearrange the User Module to be before the Devices Module for easier operation.

3.      Revamp and categorized the Setup Wizard according to its own group
i.        Company and User Setup
ii.   Device Setup
iii.  Simple Schedule Setup


4.      Revamp Import from File in User Module.

 The header is now auto assigned when the file is uploaded according to the header.

5.      Added “Overtime if total flexi hour exceeds hour of” in Simple Schedule Setup for Flexi Schedule.
Added the option so that when users uses the wizard to set up flexi schedule, this option can be easily set.
6.      Added new payroll module.
Added new payroll model for 3 countries.
i.        Malaysia : Wincom V7
                          SQL Payroll
ii.    Hong Kong : Reckon


iii.     Australia : MYOB
      7.      Added warning message before transaction is deleted when User ID is updated.
When the User ID is updated, the system will prompt a warning message before deleting the old transactions and uploading the new ID to the terminals. 
     8.       Added Auto Reboot Device Option in Multimedia Management Tab.
Added the option for users to reboot terminal when multimedia content is uploaded to the devices in the Multimedia Management Tab in the Device Module.

9.      Added Back button In User Duty Planner and User Pay Class

 Back button is added to ease user to return back to user list.

10.      Added new Anti Passback features for Ingressus.
         Added the option for user to choose whether to use Force Open or Force Close Setting.


11.     Added Work Code Selection in Ofis TA.

               Previously, we have added the OFIS TA function to Ingress software and with this release,
               we have added the work code selection so that users that are using OFIS TA can utilize this
               work code option.
      12.      Added Batch Device Option
  Added this option to manage multiple device operation in the same time. The options
  available are Power Off Device, Reboot Device, Synchronize Date & Time, Clear All Device
  Data, Clear All Log and Clear Admin Privilege.

13.      Added Force Open/Close option for Stand Alone Device in Permanent Door Open Close
   Time Zone Module.
14.      Added Date Selection on all related form.
  Reports that are allowed to select the date range now comes with an additional feature  
  which is to select the Date Selection.

15.      Added “Do not Overwrite PC User Info if the User Exist in Ingress in Import from File and 
   Import from AD Tab.

   Added this option to prevent the existing user being overwritten when the user is imported
   from file or imported from AD in the User Module.
     16.      Added Password Hint and Strength when Setting Up Password.
      17.      Highlight Invalid Data Audit in Red in Data Audit List.

   When the raw data has been edited in the database, the particular record will be   
   highlighted in the data audit list so that we can know that the database has been edited.
   This options comes handy during troubleshooting for issue such as attendance not
   appearing correctly.


18.      Hide Attendance Photo Column when Search Result Does Not Contain Any Photo in Data
   Audit List.

19.      Hide Others Tab in User Page
          The ‘others’ tab will be hidden if there is no additional field added in Field Customization
    Tab in System Settings.
20.      Hide Camera column in Monitoring Module
   The camera column is hidden at the monitoring module when there is no camera added to
   the doors.
21.      Remember the Options/Settings for the last Generated Report.
   The software is now able to keep the settings from the last Generated Report so that user
   will not have to select the settings every time.
22.     Enhance the Speed when Processing Attendance in the Attendance Module,  
   synchronizing Terminals and when Downloading Huge Data From Ingressus.

7 Errors fixed:
1.       Fixed attendance data not highlighted in bold after edit.
2.       Fixed Edited clocking time missing after generate
3.       Fixed Work treat as Overtime not functioning
4.       Fixed attendance not displaying correctly when overnight range is in use
5.       Fixed auto start Ingress Server setting not functioning according to setting after restoring database
6.       Fixed "Excused" data missing after generating attendance
7.       Fixed unknown digits appearing on work code when downloaded from device



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