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FingerTec has released the latest update of Ingress (version 3.0.6) which includes 22 enhancements and 7 bug fixes. One of the new features added in the release was the option to manage multiple device operation simultaneously.
This feature is available in Device tab > Batch Device Operation.
To get this version, you can upgrade your software online by selecting the Software Update or download the Installer from here.

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For system administrators, this feature can greatly help them to control devices that are located at difference places more effectively. For example, if any of the terminals are not responding or the system hangs, restarting or turning off the device can be done remotely from Ingress.

This feature can help to shorten troubleshooting time and they don’t have to do it manually on site.

There are 6 options available in this feature. All these operations are manageable through Ingress without anybody having to physically be at the site where the device is installed:

1. Power Off Device - Use this option to turn off terminal

2. Reboot Device - Use this option to restart terminal

3. Synchronize Date & Time - Use this option to synchronize Date and Time at the terminal, to follow the Date and Time on your computer

4. Clear All Device Data - Use this option to delete all data (only for User Data and Transaction Logs). The confirmation message will appear when you select this option because once you have agreed to clear the data, it is not retrievable (Refer to Pic 2)

5. Clear All Log - In Ingress, we have an option to not removing any transaction logs from the terminal during download process. This option would cause storage and terminal memory to be maximized. Use this option to clear all the transaction logs without effecting the user data. The confirmation message also will also appear when you select this option (Refer to Pic 2)

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6. Clear Admin Privilege - Many client have reported to us that they cannot get access to Menu option on the terminal because they forgot their administrator password or the person in charge resigned from the company. Use this option to clear all Admin Privilege inside the terminal and get an access to Menu option again to create a new Admin. In other situations or for security purposes, if you have users with other privileges and you do not want them to access to this feature, you can control their role by going to Ingress > System Settings > User Roles > select Edit Role > Devices > uncheck the Device Batch Operation.

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However, you will need to consider the role carefully before allowing or blocking any users to take on the role. This individuals might be able to remove other users or change the settings if the settings are turned on. For details about User Account and User Roles you may refer here.


  1. Hi there, I just wanted to ask if there are any way to management(delete) user biometric device on a batch/bulk but selected or filtered manner

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you.

      In regards to your inquiry, you can delete user by batch/bulk by using software (TCMSv3 or Ingress software). Please go to User > Remove current user > Tick Remove both local and device user data > Select device > Select User > Select data > Click Remove (refer

      Best Regards,
      Muhamad Azril


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