Ingress – Filter Users by Group or Department in Attendance and Reports Modules

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FingerTec has released a new version of Ingress (v3.0.5.10) recently, that provides more features and enhancement. In this latest version of Ingress, we have upgraded a new feature, where you can now filter up the users by groups or departments, to ease the process of searching users in the Attendance sheet and Reports.


By having this feature, you can directly filter users by group, without having the need to scroll all the way down, searching through the list to select user one by one.


Step 1.
First of all, you need to create a new Group or Department at User tab > Add Department. Here you can create multiple departments, and their sub-departments.

Step 2.
Assign all users to their corresponding departments accordingly, by going to Users > Select User > Select Department > Ok (attachment 1). Once finished, you can see all the users are inserted into their corresponding departments.

Step 3.

Go to the Attendance module, Click on Users, and you can now filter users based on their Department / sub-Departments.
Ingress system will generate the Attendance record or Reporting based on User ID that you have selected.
You can also filter the users in the Reports module by following these steps:
Click User > Select or sort user by Department or sub department > Select the preferred User ID.


  1. Dear Admin .
    If I have 3 doors in this case i have 3 devices
    my question .
    for 1 user if this user used three doors in side office how can we get report
    for all devices ( collection moves 0

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you,

      Firstly, kindly make sure all the 3 devices connected to the software via TCP/IP connection. If the devices located in remote location, you may use port forwarding, VPN or Dydns to link the device to the main HQ PC installed with the Fingertec software.

      Then you may enroll the user in the first device then download the user details into the software. Once done, you may upload the same user from the software into the rest of the devices. After that, you can retrieve all logs from those devices into the same software and view the report.


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