How to activate Keylock 7700 in Ingress, and solve Keylock 7700 “Upload User Fail” issue?

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Keylock 7700 provides vast access control features as a high tech and modern designed door lock system. The USB user and data management style of Keylock delivers an excessive option of accessibility of data, both to and from the lock. Keylock is also bundled with Ingress as its operating software, if users require to manage data from Keylock in the computer.

The transaction logs can be easily downloaded, hence data centralization, management and monitoring is easier than ever, with the usage of USB management.


A: Device activation in Ingress:
     1)    Create an admin user in the device by pressing Menu button> User Manage>
             Enroll Admin> Enroll FP/Pwd/ RFID card

        2)    To save the admin user created into the pendrive, go to Menu> PenDrive Mng>
              DwnLoad User
         3)    In Ingress, add and activate the Keylock, by setting the configuration as per listed
-          Devices > Add Device
-          Device Type: Keylock
-          Device name: write your preferred name (e.g. Keylock 7700)
-          Communication Mode: USB file
-          USB Disk Path: select the USB path and press scan to find the
             downloaded user data, (1_UData).
-          Device ID: 1
-          Device Activation

B: Uploading new users from Ingress into Keylock:
    1)     Create new users in the User module by clicking on the “New User” or “Batch
             Create User” button. Take note of the following two remarks:
         -     User ID: Must be a 5-digit number
         -     Password: Must be a 6-digit number
      2)   Transfer the user to the USB Flash Disk by going to Users > Export User to USB>
             Select User > Specify the USB location > Select Keylock > Export.

     3)   Open the folder 1_udata in your pendrive, and ensure that the “templatev10.u”
            file exists here.
NOTE: If the file does not exist, while uploading the data into Keylock, the “Upload User
            Fail” will be prompted on the screen.
     4)    If the file does not exists, you will have to download the file from here.
     5)   Once downloaded, copy and paste this file into the 1_udata folder of USB flash,
           for successful transfer of user data.
      6)   Connect the pendrive to the device, and go to Menu > PenDrive Mng > Upload User.


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