Turning On Group Verify Type for Face ID 4 series terminal for Better Authenticity of Attendance Recording

Thursday, February 25, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments


Most of the FingerTec terminals come with multiple verification method, such as card verification, password verification, fingerprint verification or face verification. The credentials of the users is very important - The credentials of the users are very important. Either verification for time attendance or door access, each user will have their own identification credentials, where it can only be verified by the user alone. However, there are cases where access card or password is being shared among users, which leads to the issue of buddy- punching.


Group verify type function will give the administrator an option to perform verification using combination of credentials. Combination of different credentials will give the administrator an advantage, to make sure that users access to a door or record their attendance truthfully, without cheating. Cases such as stolen cards or leaked passwords can be prevented if this feature is activated, where users need to verify their different credentials, in order for the log to be recorded, or to release the door lock.


1.  To turn on this feature for Face ID 4, kindly download the tool from HERE.
      Run the tool and insert the terminal IP address and click at the "Connect" button.

2.   The tool will list out the terminal information. Please check the terminal information
       shown on the screen, and make sure that the information belongs to the terminal

       that you want to update. Click the “Update” button if confirmed.

3.   The tool will prompt a message if the setting successfully updated.

4.   Please restart the terminal by clicking the “Restart” button.


5.   You will see the Group Verify Type configuration at Menu > Systems > Log Settings >
       Default Authority in the Face ID 4/Face ID 4d terminal.


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