Easily Resolve OLE Error when downloading data into TCMS v2.2.027 to Correct Download Process

Thursday, February 25, 2016 TimeTec 2 Comments

Recently, there have been multiple cases where users encountered an error while downloading data from terminals into TCMS v2.2.027. This is identified as the “OLE error” where the software is not able to read and retrieve the data due to incompatibility of the BioBridge SDK that is bundled with TCMS v2 software.

By adhering to these tips, users will be able to clarify and solve the OLE error when downloading clocking data from FingerTec terminals.


To resolve your issue, kindly follow these steps:
1) Close TCMS v2 software
2) Download the latest ft.exe file from HERE.
3) Rename the downloaded file to "ft.exe" (remove all the numbers in the file name, and
leave it as ft.exe or ft depending on your PC's setting).
4) Copy the above file, and paste it in TCMS v2 folder (Local Disk C > Program Files (x86) >
FingerTec Worldwide > TCMSv2) to replace the existing ft.exe file.
5) Download SDK Installer from this HERE.
6) Unzip the downloaded file and run the installer accordingly. Please note that there are 2
files in this folder, kindly select the one with .exe format.
7) Restart PC
8) The OLE error will not re-appear once you relaunch the TCMSv2 Software.


  1. I don't know how but I find great website where you can download missed .dll library file for free http://fix4dll.com/msvcp110_dll try to and I'm sure you can find solution for your problem too. Good luck.

  2. Nice Blog Post.Thank You So Much Sharing This Information.


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