Smooth Troubleshooting Date/Time Change in FingerTec Terminals to Ensure Accurate Data Accumulation

Thursday, February 25, 2016 TimeTec 2 Comments


These tips are to assist users to determine the root cause of the time change issue on the terminals so that they  will know how to tackle the situation effectively.

Since it is related to the users’ attendance data, an inaccurate time and date in the devices needs to be solved at the soonest. This is because if the time and date shown on the screen is incorrect, users willl encounter faulty attendance recording as the r transactions operates based on the time set in the respective device.


This troubleshooting tips will:
-   Ease the user to determine the cause of this issue, whether it is a setting issue, or a
    faulty hardware.
-   Save the troubleshooting time. If it is setting issue, users may directly check the setting
     via their Software. If it is hardware issue, user can directly check the physical


There are 3 possibilities that can cause the date and time to change in the terminals. Kindly refer to the checklist below.

1)   CMOS battery is weak. If you encounter the time changes to 00:00 after restarting the
       terminal, there is a possibility that the CMOS’s battery is weak. You can replace
       a new CMOS battery in this scenario.
 In other cases, if you set in the software to automatically synchronize the PC time and
 date into the device, you need to check the PC’s time and date, if the PC time and date
  is incorrect, you need to change new a CMOS battery for the PC.

  You can get the CMOS Battery in the electronic shop nearest you. The CMOS battery
   code is CR1220 - 3 volt.
2)   The terminal is connected to Webster/Webserver. Terminal time will change based on
       the time zone of the server. You need to check back the server and the configuration,
       whether the terminal is connected to any Webster/Webserver. You will also need to
       check the time zone setting in the software (Webster/Webserver/TimeTec TA).

3)   Faulty Timer Crystal. A MCU board consists of a crystal component, which controls the
time displayed in the terminal. If the crystal component is faulty, you need to
change  the MCU board. Normally if these component is faulty, you will see that the
 time on the terminal is delayed or faster from the original time that you have
 configured. If your device is still under warranty, you can claim
the warranty for the
 faulty MCU board at


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