Update Your Firmware and Fully Utilize Door Access Features in Ingress for AC900 FEM565 - R2 FEM565 – Kadex FEM500

Thursday, January 28, 2016 TimeTec 4 Comments


Most of our clients have switched from TCMS V2 to Ingress.  Therefore, for those who are using door access terminals such as AC900 FEM565 / R2 FEM565 / KADEX FEM500, they will need to update their devices with a unique firmware to fully utilize the door access features in Ingress.

The firmware update will let users utilize the door access features on their existing terminals through Ingress.

1)   Download the firmware update tool*
2)   Close PC’s Wifi connection / anti virus / firewall before running the .exe file
3)   Key-in the IP Address
4)   Choose the GroupVerType timer with Ingress.
5)   Click Connect > Update > Restart.

*Please refer to your Reseller for this firmware update. 

In case you want to switch back from Ingress to TCMS V2, you can roll-back the update by choosing the GroupVerType timer with TCMS V2.


  1. hello . how i can remove admin1 affirm from ta100 . many thanks

    1. Hello Sir,

      Referring to your problem, the only way to remove the Administrator status from the terminal is by using the TCMSv2 or Ingress software if your terminal is connected with the TCP/IP. Kindly refer at http://tips.fingertec.com/tcmsv2/clearing-admin.pdf for more information about to clear the admin using the tcmsv2 software.

      If you are using TCMSv3 or Ingress software you can change the user privilege at Ingress > User tab > select User > Details > change Privilege > then Update to the terminal, or refer to the following tips : http://www.fingertectips.com/2013/05/clearing-terminal-administrator.html

      In case you didn't connect it to the software, please contact your reseller, they will help you to reset the administrator privilege at the terminal because only reseller have the authority to reset the administrator privilege at the terminal.

  2. Can I get a link to the firmware update

    1. Hello Sir,

      Referring to your problem, kindly be informed that we do not suggest for the client to update the device firmware if you do not face any issue or affect your operation as it might cause compatibility issue with the hardware. Please refer to your reseller if you still have any issue with your hardware.


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