Configuring Access Level by Verify Type for a Specific Time in Ingress

Thursday, January 28, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

In FingerTec system, Verify Type is one of the verification methods that can be used to improve access security by using a combination of verification methods. This option is readily available in most of our Access Control terminals such as R2, R3, Kadex, Q2i and etc. With this settings, users must perform a combination of verifications during specific time range at the device to gain access. This configuration needs to be done in Ingress software.


By configuring the access level by verify type, users will increase the security level of their offices/premises.
1.    Go to Access Level > Click on Verify Type from the left panel > Click Add Verify Type > Rename the Verify Type (example: VT Password & Card) > Select Time Range (you can select a maximum of 50 set of Time Range)

2.    Define the start and end time applicable for this verification method.
3.    Select Verify Type (example: Password & Card) > Click Add
4.    Click Save to save the settings > Transfer to Device to synchronize settings to the terminals.
       Note: You also apply these settings to specific days of your choice. 
Next step is to configure your settings to be updated to the dedicated terminals and doors.
1.    Click on Door tab > Click Add to select doors applicable for this verification method

2.    Click Save to save settings and select Transfer to Device to synchronize settings to device


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