Resetting Access Right in Ingress

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

Ingress, as we know it, is an integrated access control management software which comes with a complete solution for centralizing, managing and monitoring door activities of all FingerTec’s access control devices. Naturally, most of the settings in this software are of door access settings.

In any case that a door setting is configured incorrectly, there are TWO options to reset the access settings:

1.       Reset it by door

2.       Reset the whole access settings of the software, without initializing the whole system.

1. Reset Access Right by door

Go to Doors tab > Click on the door that you want to reset the settings > Access Group Tab > Reset Access Right.

By doing this, all access settings of this door will be reset to its default settings, and the settings for other doors will remain unaffected.

2. Reset All Access Settings in Ingress

You can reset all the access settings in Ingress  by performing the steps below:

Go to System Settings Tab > System Parameter Settings > Devices > Reset Access Rights

By performing these steps, all the access settings in Ingress will be cleared and restored to its default.


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